36 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter F

FabianHe who farms beansBoy
FabianoA man who grows beansBoy
FabioHe who owns a bean farmBoy
FabricioA man who is very craftyBoy
FabrizioA man who is a craftsmanBoy
FantinoA form of Fantinus, meaning baby boy.Boy
FaustinoA little lucky manBoy
FaustoA man of luckBoy
FavioA man of wisdom and understandingBoy
FedeleA faithful manBoy
FedericoA ruler who rules in peaceBoy
FederigoOne whose ruling brings peaceBoy
FelicianoA young man who is luckyBoy
FelicioHe who is lucky in lifeBoy
FelixA man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and successBoy
FerdinandusA daring travelerBoy
FerrariAn occupational name, meaning a blacksmithUnisex
FerruccioOne with the iron swordBoy
FicoA person who is like a figBoy
FidelioHe who is truthful and faithfulBoy
FigaroA darring and cunning manBoy
FilberteA brilliant, well-learned individualBoy
FilibertoAn extremely bright personBoy
FilippoA person who passionately loves horsesBoy
FilipposA person who is friendly with horsesBoy
FioreA flower (Italian version of fiora)Boy
FirdoseThe Paradise City of the GodsBoy
FlaminioThe keeper of the flames; i.e. A priest (in Spanish)Boy
FloraDerived from the Latin word Flo,it means a flower; Roman goddess of SpringBoy
FrancescantonioMade up of Italian word Frances and Latin Antonio, it refers to a Frenchman worthy of praiseBoy
FrancescoItalian version of the name 'Francis' it means a Frenchman or free manBoy
FrancoObtained from German word 'Frank' it refers to a man of French originBoy
FredericoA Portuguese version of the name 'Frederick', it refers to a peaceful rulerBoy
FredoItalian diminutive of 'Frederick' meaning a peace'keeping rulerBoy
FynnAfrican - River Ofinn; Old Norse - Finn; Celtic - White, Fair; A variant of name FinnBoy
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