40 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

RobertoGermanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of RobertBoy
RoccoOne who restsBoy
RomeoA settler, a wayfarer to RomeBoy
RafaelloItalian version of the name Rafael, means healed by GodBoy
RaimondoA mighty protectorBoy
RaulThe councel of the wolvesBoy
RemigioA person who is a rowerBoy
RemoOne who is a rower, an oarsmanBoy
RenatoLatin - Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name ReneBoy
RenzA Laurel, an awardBoy
RenzoThe third son in the familyBoy
RicA mighty, powerful and strong ruler of menBoy
RicardoA King known for his might and strenghtBoy
RiccardoGermanic - Powerful ruler; Strong Ruler; Mighty RulerBoy
RinA cold, severe and dignified personUnisex
RinaldoOne whose power is in his wisdomBoy
RinoA short of all the names that end with RinoBoy
RizzoOne with curly hairUnisex
RockoOne who enjoys inactivityBoy
RockyOne who is stony, rockyBoy
RocoTo be restingBoy
RolandoHe who is the most famous and legendary of all menBoy
RomaLatin - Man from Rome; Roman;Boy
RomanoA man who was born in RomeBoy
RomareA person who is from RomeBoy
RomarioOne who is a pilgrim ro RomeBoy
RomeAn Italian city, an ancient city of RomeUnisex
RomeaoOne who comes from the ancient city of RomeBoy
RomoloOne who founded RomeBoy
RomonA Boy whose home is RomeBoy
RomyA person from Rome, or can also mean RosemaryUnisex
RoqueOne firm as a rock isBoy
RoretoAn Italian place name for BoysBoy
RosarioA young man of the rosaryBoy
RossanoA man who brings the dawn's lightBoy
RudolphoOne who is known as a famous wolfBoy
RufinoA man who is of red hairBoy
RuggeroA worrior with a famous spearBoy
RuggieroA famos fighter with a spearBoy
RussoA traditional Sicilian surname, means a red oneBoy
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