19 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter D

Dahna Respectful lady Girl
Daniele God is a judge Girl
Daniella God has ruled a decision Girl
Daralice Very noble Girl
Debora From the Old testament; A Bee Girl
Delfina Name of a Saint; one from Delphi Girl
Demetra Mythological Goddess of harvest Girl
Dianora A divine person; they are advanced Girl
Doda A person who is reserved,dignified and well loved Girl
Domani Tomorrow; one who does advance planning Unisex
Domenica One who belongs to God Girl
Dominica One who is very close to Lord Girl
Donata Given by God Girl
Donatas One who is being given a hand; helping nature Girl
Donatella Beautiful Gift of God Girl
Donelle In italian it means lady. Girl
Donielle A lady who is very respectful and honoured Girl
Donita World Mighty Girl
Donna It means a respectful title given to a lady. Girl
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