42 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LiaA weary mistress or rulerGirl
LilianaName of the flower lily, pure and innocent personGirl
Luciawhite, bright lightGirl
LucianaLight, illuminationGirl
LunaMoon, one of the name of the Moon GoddesGirl
LadonnaLadonna means The LadyGirl
LanzaA Noble and Eager WomanGirl
LauraPerson crowned with laurelsGirl
LaurettaSweet bay treeGirl
LaverneGoddes of thieves in Italian loreGirl
LeeonnaA lioness, one who is like a lionessGirl
LeliaShe who speaks wellGirl
LenchaThe blossom and innocence, virginityGirl
LeoluchinaFeminine diminutive of Leoluca.Girl
LeonoraThe light of a compassionGirl
LeonoreLight, brightness of the Sun raysGirl
LeontineOne who is as strong as a LionessGirl
LetiziaOne who brings happiness and joy to othersGirl
LiboriaTo be a free womanGirl
LillaShort form of Elizabeth, meaning God is satisfactionGirl
LindaBeautiful woman; SerpentGirl
LionaItalian name meaning lionessGirl
LiviaAn envious person; color blueGirl
LivianaA jealous and resentful womanGirl
LiviannaA woman who evies others or a color blueGirl
LizzA woman hallowed by the Oath made to GodGirl
LoredanaCreated name by George Sand, based on a Venetian surname LoredanGirl
LorenzaA female who came from Italian city LaurentumGirl
LoretaA town in ancient Itali, LaurentumGirl
LorettaA Girl who was born in ancient LaurentumGirl
LoretteA Girl whose origins are from ancient LaurentumGirl
LorrellaGirl crowned with laurel treeGirl
LovotaA fast Wolf; good naturedGirl
LucellyOne who is illuminated by the lightGirl
LucettaA light that is full graceGirl
LucetteThe one who shines with graceful lightGirl
LucindaThe one who shines with graceful lightGirl
LucreziaItalian name meaning profitGirl
LudovicaFamous in war and battleGirl
LuigiaItalian name for mighty warriorGirl
LuisaA famous battle maidGirl
LupicaA name given for a Bird; practicalGirl
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