55 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MabiliaAdorable, lovable oneGirl
MadaleneA woman from MagdalaGirl
MaddalenaWoman who comes from the towerGirl
MaddalinaOne from the towerGirl
MaddalynGirl from a towerGirl
MaddelenaA person from Madala, a town whose name means towerGirl
MadonnaMy lady, a way respectful way to address a womanGirl
MafaldaA powerful warriorGirl
MagentaA deep pink colourGirl
ManziOccupational name for one who raised steers. Mostly used as a surnameUnisex
MarcellaA woman with the character of the warriorGirl
MarcellinaA woman dedicated to MarsGirl
MargheritaOld Greek - Pearl; A variation of the name MargaretGirl
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirl
MariabellaA beautiful MaryGirl
MariangelaAn angel of the sea of sorrowGirl
MariannaA glorious sea of sorrowGirl
Mariellaone who shines bright like a star above the sea of sorrowGirl
MarietaA puddle of sorrowGirl
MarilenaA bright star of the seaGirl
MarileneA star that shines in the seaGirl
MarinaA woman of the seaGirl
MariolaA bitter dameGirl
MarisaA child that was wished forGirl
MarquesaOne who works with a hammer.Girl
MarseilleA woman sweet as wineGirl
MarsiaA young woman dedicated to the god of warGirl
MarsilliaA woma who dedicated herself to MarsGirl
MartaLatin - Dedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of Marc; A variant of the name MarthaGirl
MartinaWarring, warlike womanGirl
MaruttaA sea of bitterness or sorrowGirl
MarziaA virtuous one who is devoted to GodGirl
MassimaThe gratest one of them allGirl
MatayaShe is a God's giftGirl
MatildeGermanic - Mighty in battle; Mighty Battle Maiden; A variant form of MatildaGirl
MatteaLord's giftGirl
MeaShe who belongs to meGirl
MelissaGermanic - Hard Worker; Greek - Honey; Bee; Strong Work; Industrious; Highborn Power; Variant of MelissaGirl
MelitaThe sugary person, who is sweeter than the honey.Girl
MiabellaA tiny falcon, a baby falcon. A person with the qualities of a falconGirl
MicaelaHebrew - Who is like God; A variation of MichaelaGirl
MicheleThe Angel who carry messages of GodUnisex
MicielaA blessed gift from GodGirl
MilanaSlavic - Union; Favor; Grace; PeopleGirl
MirabellaA wonderful girl, elegant beautyGirl
MireleThe person who is admired the mostGirl
MirellaHebrew - God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of MiraGirl
MiriamHebrew - Sea of Bitternes; Rebelliousness; Wished for child; To swell; A variant form of MaryGirl
MirielisThe beautiful, one who is admiredGirl
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