34 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter P

PaettaBread; one who is the provider; to nourishGirl
PallaA ball; a habitational name; a strawGirl
PalmieraA place of pilgrim; holy placeGirl
PalminaOne who is like a little Palm treeGirl
PalmiraLatin - Palm Tree; From the City of Palms; Habitational name for someone from Parma in ItalyGirl
PaminaHoney; Sweet; All sweetness; Made from honey; Variant spelling of "Pamela."Girl
PaolaLatin - Small; Little; Humble; A derivative from the name PaulaGirl
PaolinaA small and passionate individualGirl
PasqualinaA saint born on EasterGirl
PataA name given to a spectrogramGirl
PatrinaLatin - Noble Women; Of noble birth; A variant form of PatriciaGirl
PatriziaA noble and kind hearted beingGirl
PazienzaLatin - One who endures with courage; Patient; A variant of the name PatienceGirl
PerlaEnglish - Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of PearlGirl
PertessaOf the CountessGirl
PervincaName of a plant called periwinkle; Name of a character in Italian book Fairy OakGirl
PetronillaLatin - Country bumpkin; Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of PetraGirl
PhebeShining; Pure; Brilliant; Sparkling; A variant of PhoebeGirl
PhiaA creative and self-reliant personGirl
PicaA habitational name which means a pointed objectGirl
PieraA small stone or a piece of rockGirl
PierinaOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of PetraGirl
PietaReligious paintings or sculpture; A variant of PityGirl
PietraOne who is rock solidGirl
PiiaAnother form of Pia; a lover or a sweetheartGirl
PilaA pillar, a column of the buildigGirl
PippaShe who loves horsesGirl
PlacidaA quiet and calm womanGirl
PoA river in Italy, river PoGirl
PoesiaLike a piece of poetryGirl
PoesyLike a piece of poetryGirl
PolissenaItalian form of Polyxena, a Greek name meaning daughter of PriamGirl
PrimaveraSpanish - Springtime; Latin - Born at the beginning of SpringGirl
PriscilaAn ancient womanGirl
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