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Origin, Meaning and History of Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a name of French origin that means ‘supplanter’ or ‘may god protect.’ The name is also associated with strength and individuality. The name Jacqueline originally appeared in 17th-century England. It is a feminine form of Jacques that originated from “Jacob,” a French form of James. Jacob derives from the Hebrew name Ya’aqov, later adapted as Iacobus in Latin. It is also mentioned in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis.

The Hebrew word for supplanter means ‘one who supplants’ and relates to Jacob’s replacement of Esau as described in the Hebrew Scriptures. In the Bible, Jacob is portrayed as a man who faces immense difficulties and obstacles but overcomes them through his belief in God.

The phonetic spelling of Jacqueline is Jac-que-lyn. A traditional feminine name, Jaqueline, has several variations that include Jacalin, Jacalynn, Jacalyn, Jackalin, Jackelinne, and Jackelin. The name also has masculine variations like Jacki, Jacky, and Jackie.

Jacqueline has been used as a name for women throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and it is still a popular choice among parents today. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, popularly referred to as Jackie Kennedy after her marriage to the US President John F. Kennedy, is amongst the most renowned people to bear this name in the twentieth century. She was a writer, book editor, and photographer who held the position of the First Lady of the United States.

This elegant and timeless name has also been widely featured as a fictional character. Some of the most popular characters include Jacqueline Bouvier, the wife of Snoopy’s best buddy, Charlie Brown, in the iconic comic strip “Peanuts,” Jackie Chan, a character from the “Jackie Chan Adventures” animated television series, Jack McFarlane, a character from the television show “Will & Grace,” Jacqueline Carlyle from “The Bold Type” on television, and Jacqueline “Jax” Teller, a star of the “Sons of Anarchy” television series.


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How To Pronounce Jacqueline?


Famous People With The Name Jacqueline

  • Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisWriter, book editor, photographer, and the First Lady of the United States
  • Jacqueline BeerFrench actress, Miss France 1954 and the current chairman of the Thor Heyerdahl Research Centre’s board of directors
  • Jacqueline JosephAmerican television and film producer
  • Jacqueline BetteastUS basketball player, represented the Detroit Shock in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)
  • Jacqueline BartonAmerican chemist and a professor of Chemistry
  • Jacqueline LoganAmerican silent film actress
  • Jacqueline HennessyCanadian actress and journalist

Jacqueline On The Popularity Chart

Over time the popularity of the name Jacqueline has varied. Nevertheless, it has traditionally been a well-liked name. To comprehend its popularity, have a look at these graphs by the Social Security Administration.

Popularity Over Time

The name Jacqueline was quite popular during the mid-twentieth century. Although the name has recently grown less common with 696 babies per million in 2020, it is still a popular choice among parents.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Jacqueline ranked high in popularity in 1987, standing at 54th position. But in recent years, it slowly started to decline. Analyze this graph to see how its ranking has changed over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

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