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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Jade

Jade is a popular unisex name that comes from the ornamental mineral stone of the same name. The stone has a greenish appearance and the word ‘jade’ has come to mean the color green as well. The name comes from the Spanish term ‘Piedra De La Ijada,’ translated as the ‘stone of the bowels.’ The stone is said to cure ailments of the kidney and the loins.

In ancient China, jade was a prized possession favored by the royal family. Its physical features like hardness, durability, and unique translucent shades correlated them to the magical mystic aura surrounding them. According to Chinese beliefs, jade is a symbol of power and immortality; hence, many Chinese wear them as a totem of preserving good health and warding off evil spirits.

Some of the name’s English variants are Jayde, Jaida, Jada, and Jayda. It is also known by the name Giada in Italian. The term became popular in the 20th century.

In fiction, Jade City is a novel by Fonda Lee, released in 2017. It is a fantasy novel in the Green Bone Saga and won the prestigious Fantasy Award in 2018. Jade is the name of a fictional female playable character in the video game series Mortal Kombat. She is an assassin with a steel staff as her primary weapon. Jade is another fictional video game character and the protagonist of Beyond Good & Evil, created by Ubisoft.

In DC Comics, Jade is the superhero daughter of the Green Lantern, Alan Scott and Rose Canton. Jade Chan is the fictional niece and companion of the protagonist Jackie Chan from the television animated series Jackie Chan Adventures.

Jade West is one of the main protagonists in the American sitcom ‘Victorious,’ portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies. Jade is also the name of a character portrayed by Heather Graham in the comedy movie ‘The Hangover.’


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Hebrew - Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name Jadon
 J..  Ja..  Jad..  Jag..  Jai.. 

How To Pronounce Jade?


Famous People With The Name Jade

  • Jade NovahAmerican singer and songwriter, received the NAACP nomination in 2019
  • Jade BirdEnglish singer and musician known for pop, country, and folk rock music
  • Jade McSorleyBritish model and participant of Britain’s Next Top Model
  • Jade TailorAmerican actress known for her role in the movie Higher Power and the TV series The Magicians
  • Jade YorkerAmerican actor best known for the role of William Willie Weathers in Gridiron Gang
  • Jade EwenBritish singer and actress best known as a former member of the girl group Sugababes

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Name Numerology For Jade

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