98 Jamaican Baby Names With Meanings


Located east of Mexico, south of Florida, and north of South America, Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island boasting breathtaking beaches, perfect temperatures, and plenty of natural beauty. If you’ve ever visited the place, you’ll surely want a baby name inspired by this beautiful location. Jamaican baby names are as beautiful as the locales in this stunning country.

Jamaica is known for its beautiful views and vibrant culture. The catchy reggae tunes popularized by Bob Marley are famous everywhere (1). Just as reggae music can deeply move us, Jamaican baby names also hold a special meaning for the people they're given to.

Many Jamaican names have been influenced by countries like France and Spain, which colonized the island. However, some names are unique to Jamaica. A basic Jamaican name has two parts, a first name, and a last name. The middle name is more personal.

In Jamaican tradition, parents often name their children after the days of the week. This practice comes from the Akan language, where names are connected to the days of the week and the order in which children are born. This belief suggests that a person's character and soul are linked to the day they're born. Middle names can also refer to the twin status, an ancestor, or birth order.

The Scots, the English, and the Irish are another important group that has greatly impacted on the island and naming practices. Jamaica has the highest proportion of Scottish surnames found outside of Scotland. pproximately 60% of the entries in Jamaican phone books are Scottish surnames.

In this list of Jamaican baby names, there are many options for you to choose from for your little one. The list is organized to make it easy for you to explore and find names that resonate with you. Like Jamaica, these names bring together tradition, creativity, and a promising future.

heart image Abigay Baby Girl Sign Girl The joy or happiness of Yahweh or father of rejoicing
heart image Adio Baby Boy Sign Boy The name that inspires one to be righteous and walk on the correct path
heart image Agwe Baby Boy Sign Boy Spirit of the sea
heart image Ajani Baby Boy Sign Boy One who fights for possession; Noble birth; A variant of name Ajahni
heart image Akoni Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave warrior; One with excellent leadership qualities
heart image Aldane Baby Boy Sign Boy Some who is a wise protector of the realm or land he is living in
heart image Alvita Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is vivacious and lively; One who spreads vivacity
heart image Amancia Baby Girl Sign Girl Lover; One who loves unconditionally
heart image Amelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking and industrious
heart image Amoy Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful goddess
heart image Apce Baby Boy Sign Boy Swift; Fast
heart image Azacca Baby Boy Sign Boy The spirit guide of agriculture
heart image Badrick Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is mighty and powerful in battle
heart image Barkley Baby Boy Sign Boy From the Birch tree meadow; Where birches grow
heart image Bartt Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Talmai or the farmer
heart image Bembe Baby Boy Sign Boy Prophet
heart image Brantly Baby Boy Sign Boy Proud; Gratified; Firebrand
heart image Brianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Exalted
heart image Cedella Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful princess
heart image Chandice Baby Girl Sign Girl Extremely smart and talented
heart image Dajuan Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious and merciful
heart image Damerae Baby Boy Sign Boy A boy of joy; Someone who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes
heart image Daniel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Delyse Baby Girl Sign Girl Delightful; A girl with a delightful disposition
heart image Deshane Baby Girl Sign Girl God is merciful; Yahweh is gracious
heart image Devan Baby Boy Sign Boy Divine; Divinity or like a God
heart image Durene Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone with an enduring and everlasting personality
heart image Dymond Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name for Diamond; Precious stone or gem
heart image Edgerin Baby Boy Sign Boy Wealthy spear or owner of many spears
heart image Eggbert Baby Boy Sign Boy Sword or as sharp as sword
heart image Eralia Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is well-spoken
heart image Fayard Baby Boy Sign Boy A popular and strong magician
heart image Gabrielle Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my strength
heart image Gerain Baby Boy Sign Boy Old
heart image Glenmore Baby Boy Sign Boy A place in Jamaica
heart image Ife Baby Boy Sign Boy Love; Someone who is born with an innate desire to love and be loved
heart image Ini Baby Girl Sign Girl Time
heart image Ionie Baby Girl Sign Girl A violet colored stone
heart image Irie Baby Girl Sign Girl Cool; Peace; Harmony
heart image Iriye Baby Girl Sign Girl Cool; One who believes in spreading peace or harmony
heart image Jada Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift; Precious stone
heart image Jaden Baby Boy Sign Boy God has heard
heart image Jaqweshia Baby Girl Sign Girl Half part of a queen
heart image Javel Baby Boy Sign Boy Clear and transparent like water
heart image Jayden Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God will judge
heart image Jevaun Baby Boy Sign Boy The Jamaican form of Evan; Young warrior
heart image Joshua Baby Boy Sign Boy God is salvation
heart image Judean Baby Boy Sign Boy A person loyal to the king of Judea; Someone who serves the king of Judea
heart image Justin Baby Boy Sign Boy Fair; Just; Upright; Lawful
heart image Kaleisha Baby Girl Sign Girl A trong willed, full of energy, or beautiful woman
heart image Kalisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Purely concentrated on the Almighty; The one who has given herself to God
heart image Karalana Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with a pure and peaceful personality
heart image Kemar Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wealthy one
heart image Kenise Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; gorgeous
heart image Keyair Baby Boy Sign Boy Dusky; The one who has dark hair
heart image Khenan Baby Boy Sign Boy The rising sun
heart image Kimona Baby Girl Sign Girl Resting
heart image Kiyana Baby Girl Sign Girl Light; Deity
heart image Ladonya Baby Girl Sign Girl Lady or woman
heart image Lakresha Baby Girl Sign Girl Profit or profitable
heart image Latoria Baby Girl Sign Girl Victorious one
heart image Libano Baby Boy Sign Boy White; Pristine
heart image Llanzo Baby Boy Sign Boy Jamaican form of Lance; Servant or God like
heart image Martisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Martial or warlike
heart image Omario Baby Boy Sign Boy Jamaican version of Omar, eloquent and articulate
heart image Peta-gay Baby Girl Sign Girl Blessing from heaven
heart image Raeni Baby Girl Sign Girl Queen; Like a queen
heart image Rasta Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Saved; Rescued
heart image Requiem Baby Girl Sign Girl Rest
heart image Roje Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is a guard, a sentinel
heart image Ronica Baby Girl Sign Girl True image; Strong counsel
heart image Sabryna Baby Girl Sign Girl Jamaican version of Sabrina; Princess
heart image Sanka Baby Boy Sign Boy Soulful; One who puts heart and soul in everything
heart image Shamar Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is ready for the battle
heart image Shaniece Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Shanise Baby Girl Sign Girl God of wine; Mountain of Zeus
heart image Sharisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Cherry
heart image Shenice Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious and merciful
heart image Straleen Baby Girl Sign Girl Star
heart image Tamila Baby Girl Sign Girl Dearest to the heart
heart image Taniyah Baby Girl Sign Girl A joyful and beautiful woman
heart image Tarone Baby Boy Sign Boy The courageous advisor of the king
heart image Tashelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Born on Christmas day; Nativity ; Likeness to God
heart image Tianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Diminutive of Christiana; Follower of Jesus Christ
heart image Tiyanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Jamaican variation of Tiana; Joy or happiness
heart image Trinika Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure, triad, a trio or as in the Holy Trinity
heart image Tyonna Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Usain Baby Boy Sign Boy Small; Beautiful; Humble; Variant of Hussain
heart image Vea Baby Girl Sign Girl Chief; Seen
heart image Vegas Baby Girl Sign Girl Meadows
heart image Vinisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of love; Humble
heart image Virtudes Baby Girl Sign Girl Blessed spirit
heart image Xaviera Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine version of Xavier; Bright; Splendid
heart image Yanique Baby Girl Sign Girl Unique, feminine, energetic
heart image Zekia Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Zhade Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess of the African violet
heart image Zidane Baby Boy Sign Boy Abundance or growth; The one who progresses and helps people progress
heart image Ziggy Baby Boy Sign Boy Victory; Peace

Jamaican baby names aren't just names. They're a beautiful mix of where you come from, what you hope for, and how you want things to be different. They're a special tune that blends the old and the new. It's a bit like how the sun makes the Caribbean waters sparkle. These names bring a similar kind of brightness and energy to the people who have them. They make life feel warm, exciting, and lasting, just like how Jamaica is known for its amazing beauty and lively spirit.

Infographic: Soulful Jamaican Baby Names

From the captivating elegance of Amoy to the regal strength of Raeni, Jamaican baby names embody rich meanings rooted in the island's vibrant culture. Each name in this collection tells a story of beauty, time, delight, and more. Discover the perfect name for your precious one and celebrate the essence of Jamaican heritage by exploring the infographic below.

joyful jamaican baby names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What specific features make Jamaican baby names stand out?

Jamaican names, shaped by the influence of local dialects like Jamaican Patois, often showcase one-of-a-kind spellings and pronunciations, lending them a distinctively Jamaican charm. This infusion of flair is exemplified by names like Asafa, a captivating variant of Asaf, carrying the meaning of 'collector,' and Natashana, a delightful spin on Natasha, imbuing the name with the whimsical essence of 'Christmas Day.' These unique and endearing adaptations bestow a touch of individuality and playfulness upon the names of Jamaican children.

2. How can Jamaican baby names be used to honor ancestors and family members?

Embracing the vibrant cultural heritage of Jamaica, a Jamaican baby name presents a marvelous opportunity to pay tribute to ancestors and cherished family members. Delving into your family's religious background allows for a profound connection as you seek a name aligned with the saint revered within your family's faith tradition, thus honoring the religious beliefs held dear by your ancestors in a truly significant manner.

3. How do Jamaican baby names reflect the culture of Jamaica?

In Jamaica, the majority of the population follows Christianity (2). Because of its high Christian influence, many parents desire to name their children with biblical significance. Popular biblical names like Brihanna, meaning ‘high, power’, and Jevaun meaning ‘Yahweh is gracious’ highlight the Jamaican culture’s rich heritage.


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