96 Jamaican Baby Names With Meanings

Located east of Mexico, south of Florida, and north of South America, Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island boasting of breathtaking beaches, perfect temperatures, and plentiful of natural beauty. If you’ve ever visited the place, you’ll surely want a baby name inspired by this beautiful location.

Jamaican baby names are as beautiful as the locales in this stunning country. While most of the Jamaican names are influenced by colonizing nations like France and Spain, some are uniquely their own.

A basic Jamaican name consists of a given name and surname. Middle name is personal. Traditional Jamaican parents name their children after the days of the week. This tradition stems from the Akan language, where children are named after days and the order they are born. They believe that the soul and character of a person are related in some way or the other to the day the child is born. The middle names could refer to the twin status, an ancestor, or birth order. Modern parents pick any name they like for their kids.

Below is MomJunction's collection of Jamaican names to help you select the perfect one for your newborn. We’ve arranged the names in a way to help you seamlessly navigate through the choices available.

AbigayAbigay is the Jamaican version of Abigail. It means 'the joy or happiness of Yahweh' or father of rejoicing.Girl
AdioThe name inspires one to be righteous and walk on the correct path.Boy
AgweSpirit of the seaBoy
AjaniAfrican : One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name AjahniBoy
AkoniSomeone who is a brave warrior and has excellent leadership qualities.Boy
AldaneSome who is a wise protector of the realm or land he is living in.Boy
AlvitaOne who is vivacious and lively, or the one who spreads vivacity .Girl
AmanciaLover, someone who loves unconditionallyGirl
AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileGirl
AmoyBeautiful goddessGirl
ApceSomeone who is swift or fast in whatever he does.Boy
AzaccaAzacca is the name of the spirit guide of agriculture.Boy
BadrickOne who is mighty and powerful in the battle.Boy
BarkleyFrom the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches GrowBoy
BarttSon of Talmai or the farmerBoy
BembeBembe is a Spanish name, but it's highly popular in Jamaica. The name means 'a prophet'.Boy
BrantlyProud and gratified in whatever he does. It also means firebrand.Boy
BriannaA strong ascending womanGirl
CedellaShe is a beautiful princessGirl
ChandiceOne who is extremely smart and talentedGirl
DajuanGod is gracious and merciful.Boy
DameraeA boy of joy, someone who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes.Boy
DanielA ProphetBoy
DelyseDelightful, a girl with a delightful disposition.Girl
DeshaneGod is merciful or Yahweh is gracious.Girl
DevanDivine, divinity or like a godBoy
DureneSomeone with an enduring and everlasting personality.Girl
DymondAnother name for Diamond. Precious stone or gem.Girl
EdgerinWealthy spear or owner of many spears.Boy
EggbertSword or as sharp as sword.Boy
EraliaA woman who is well spoken.Girl
FayardA popular and strong magician.Boy
GabrielleGod is my strengthGirl
GlenmoreGlenmore is a place name extremely popular in Jamaica.Boy
IfeLove, someone who is born with an innate desire to love and be loved.Boy
IonieIonie is the name of a violet colored stone.Girl
IrieCool, or the one who believes in spreading peace or harmony.Girl
IriyeCool, or the one who believes in spreading peace or harmony.Girl
JadaShe was a God's giftGirl
JadenHebrew - Thankful; Spanish - Jade is Green Gemstone; A variant of JadeBoy
JaqweshiaHalf part of a queenGirl
JavelClear and transparent like waterBoy
JaydenVariation of Jaden which means God has heardUnisex
JevaunJevaun is the Jamaican form of Evan and means young warrior.Boy
JoshuaJoshua means God is SalvationBoy
JudeanA person loyal to the king of Judea, someone who serves the king of Judea.Boy
JustinThe name Justin means Upright,LawfulBoy
KaleishaA woman who is strong willed, full of energy, or beautifulGirl
KalisaPurely concentrated to the Almighty, the one who has given herself to God.Girl
KaralanaA girl with a pure and peaceful personality.Girl
KeniseBeautiful, gorgeousGirl
KeyairDusky or the one who has dark hairBoy
KhenanThe rising sunBoy
KimonaListening, or good at listeningBoy
KiyanaLight or deityGirl
LadonyaLady or womanGirl
LakreshaProfit or profitableGirl
LatoriaVictorious oneGirl
LibanoWhite, pristine as whiteBoy
LlanzoLlanzo is the Jamaican form of Lance and means servant or God like.Boy
MartishaMartial or warlikeGirl
OmarioOmario is the Jamaican version of Omar and means eloquent and articulateBoy
Peta-gayBlessing from heavenGirl
RaeniQueen, like a queenGirl
RojeA person who is a guard, a sentinelBoy
RonicaTrue image or strong counselGirl
SabrynaSabryna is the Jamaican version of Sabrina and means princess.Girl
SankaSoulful, one who puts heart and soul in everything.Boy
ShamarOne who is ready for the battleBoy
ShaniseGod of wine or Mountain of ZeusGirl
SheniceGod is gracious and mercifulGirl
TamilaDearest to the heartGirl
TaniyahA joyful, beautiful womanGirl
TaroneIt means the courageous advisor of the king.Boy
TashelleBorn in Christmas day, nativity or likeness to GodGirl
TiannaFrom Christiana, which means Follower of Jesus ChristGirl
TiyannaTiyanna is possibly the Jamaican variation of Tiana. It means joy or happinessGirl
TrinikaTrinika means pure, triad, a trio or as in the Holy TrinityGirl
UsainSmall, beautiful or humble. It could also be a variation of Hussain.Boy
VeaChief or seenGirl
VinishaGoddess or love or humbleGirl
VirtudesBlessed spiritGirl
XavieraFeminine version of Xavier, meaning 'bright or splendid'.Girl
ZhadePrincess of the African violetGirl
ZidaneAbundance or growth. The one who progresses and helps people progressBoy
ZiggyVictory protection. It's also a diminutive of Sigmund or Siegfried.Boy
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