58 Jamaican Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Jamaican baby girl names are versatile and represent the country's beautiful landscapes, vibrant traditions, and history. These names also possess a strong sense of family ties or a feeling of community. Jamaica is the jewel of the Caribbean, being the third largest island of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean. It is originally home to the indigenous Taíno people. To understand the origins and roots of Jamaican names, we need to explore the country’s extensive history of colonization. After the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494, the Taíno people fell under Spanish rule. During their reign, African slaves were transported to the region to serve as laborers. It became a common practice for African-born slaves to give their children (Creoles) two names, one from their home in West Africa, possibly in their native language, and another that can be easily pronounced by their American children (1). By 1655, the island of Jamaica was conquered by another foreign power, England, now known as Great Britain. Under British rule, many of the slave workers were emancipated in 1838. Before their emancipation, in the year 1755, the Crown issued the ‘Reglement for Slaverne’ which required the Lutheran church to baptize the slave children. Christian names were given to both infants and adults who underwent baptism which explains why many Jamaicans have English names and surnames (1). This is how Jamaica became a melting pot of names influenced by the diversity of Taíno, Spanish, British, and African cultures. It is a common practice in Jamaican culture for people to have two middle names that are chosen by parents based on their personal preferences, traditions, and family ties. A distinction can be made between modern Jamaicans and traditional Jamaicans based on the names they choose. Modern Jamaicans prefer names that are connected to their family, while traditional Jamaicans will name their children after days of the week, which is an old tradition practiced by their slave ancestors. Another prevalent practice is the usage of nicknames, also known as ‘yard names.’ In some cases, these names are predominantly used over their given names (2). Begin your exploration of this extensive list with countless options to honor your Jamaican heritage, and find the perfect name that fits your little queen.

heart image Amelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking and industrious
heart image Brianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Exalted
heart image Gabrielle Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my strength
heart image Jada Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift; Precious stone
heart image Jayden Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God will judge
heart image Tianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Diminutive of Christiana; Follower of Jesus Christ
heart image Abigay Baby Girl Sign Girl The joy or happiness of Yahweh or father of rejoicing
heart image Alvita Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is vivacious and lively; One who spreads vivacity
heart image Amancia Baby Girl Sign Girl Lover; One who loves unconditionally
heart image Amoy Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful goddess
heart image Cedella Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful princess
heart image Chandice Baby Girl Sign Girl Extremely smart and talented
heart image Delyse Baby Girl Sign Girl Delightful; A girl with a delightful disposition
heart image Deshane Baby Girl Sign Girl God is merciful; Yahweh is gracious
heart image Durene Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone with an enduring and everlasting personality
heart image Dymond Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name for Diamond; Precious stone or gem
heart image Eralia Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is well-spoken
heart image Ini Baby Girl Sign Girl Time
heart image Ionie Baby Girl Sign Girl A violet colored stone
heart image Irie Baby Girl Sign Girl Cool; Peace; Harmony
heart image Iriye Baby Girl Sign Girl Cool; One who believes in spreading peace or harmony
heart image Jaqweshia Baby Girl Sign Girl Half part of a queen
heart image Kaleisha Baby Girl Sign Girl A trong willed, full of energy, or beautiful woman
heart image Kalisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Purely concentrated on the Almighty; The one who has given herself to God
heart image Karalana Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with a pure and peaceful personality
heart image Kemar Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wealthy one
heart image Kenise Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; gorgeous
heart image Kimona Baby Girl Sign Girl Resting
heart image Kiyana Baby Girl Sign Girl Light; Deity
heart image Ladonya Baby Girl Sign Girl Lady or woman
heart image Lakresha Baby Girl Sign Girl Profit or profitable
heart image Latoria Baby Girl Sign Girl Victorious one
heart image Martisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Martial or warlike
heart image Peta-gay Baby Girl Sign Girl Blessing from heaven
heart image Raeni Baby Girl Sign Girl Queen; Like a queen
heart image Rasta Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Saved; Rescued
heart image Requiem Baby Girl Sign Girl Rest
heart image Ronica Baby Girl Sign Girl True image; Strong counsel
heart image Sabryna Baby Girl Sign Girl Jamaican version of Sabrina; Princess
heart image Shaniece Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Shanise Baby Girl Sign Girl God of wine; Mountain of Zeus
heart image Sharisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Cherry
heart image Shenice Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious and merciful
heart image Straleen Baby Girl Sign Girl Star
heart image Tamila Baby Girl Sign Girl Dearest to the heart
heart image Taniyah Baby Girl Sign Girl A joyful and beautiful woman
heart image Tashelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Born on Christmas day; Nativity ; Likeness to God
heart image Tiyanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Jamaican variation of Tiana; Joy or happiness
heart image Trinika Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure, triad, a trio or as in the Holy Trinity
heart image Tyonna Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Vea Baby Girl Sign Girl Chief; Seen
heart image Vegas Baby Girl Sign Girl Meadows
heart image Vinisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of love; Humble
heart image Virtudes Baby Girl Sign Girl Blessed spirit
heart image Xaviera Baby Girl Sign Girl Feminine version of Xavier; Bright; Splendid
heart image Yanique Baby Girl Sign Girl Unique, feminine, energetic
heart image Zekia Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure
heart image Zhade Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess of the African violet

These Jamaican baby girl names reflect their indigenous roots, colonial past, vibrant traditions, and the resilient spirit of the people. They encompass the rich history, unique traditions, and cultural diversity of the nation. With the influence of Spanish, British, and African cultures, the naming customs have evolved throughout the years. It is common for Jamaicans to have two middle names, both complementing each other. The usage of ‘yard names’ also maintains a sense of familiarity in the Jamaican community.

Infographic: Striking Jamaican Baby Girl Names With Meanings

From the birthplace of reggae and the home of the world’s fastest sprinter, these Jamaican baby girl names reflect the colorful tradition and culture of the land. These names exemplify the spiritual and feminine qualities derived from diverse languages. Check the infographic as we highlight a few interesting names. Pick your best-loved name for your precious little girl.

exotic jamaican names for your pretty little queen (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Jamaican names mean hope?

The Jamaican name that carries the meaning ‘hope’ is Hopeton. The meaning of the name is town of hope.

2. What Jamaican name means flower?

Mao (flowering), Fiorel (flower), and Yendi (beautiful flower) are some Jamaican names that mean flower.

3. What Jamaican name means lion?

Leoma is a Jamaican girl’s name meaning ‘lion.’

4. Can non-Jamaican parents give their baby girl a Jamaican name?

Yes. Parents from any culture or region can bestow a Jamaican name on their baby girl. However, it is important to consider the name’s meaning, connotations, and suitability before giving it to their daughter.


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