157 Jewish Baby Names With Meanings

Hebrew names are some of the oldest monikers in existence. In fact, most of the names we know today have Hebrew roots and have been trending on the Social Security Administration list for the past few years. So if you’re looking for a Jewish name to honor your heritage or that of a loved one, you’ve come to the right place.

Jewish people follow a basic tradition when it comes to naming their children. It is believed that when parents are thinking of a name for their child, an angel comes and whispers the name to their ears.

A baby boy is named at the time of his birth or circumcision. If the child is a firstborn or the redemption of the firstborn, a pompous ceremony is held. But if God forbid, the baby is ill, parents can name the child, even before the circumcision, so that people can pray for the child using his name. A baby girl is named at the Torah reading right after the birth. But some people even wait until Shabbat to name their children. It’s also customary for parents to name their children after deceased parents.

Whether you’re looking for a modern Jewish name or a traditional Biblical option, MomJunction has rounded up some of the most beautiful Jewish names for your little one.

UriellaLight of GodGirl
UzielGod is my strengthBoy
VerochkaVerity, truthGirl
VerushaVerity, truthGirl
VitaliyaFull of lifeGirl
WaiolaViolet flowerGirl
WalentynaStrong and soundGirl
YacovaFemale form of Jacob, meaning Yahweh may protectGirl
YaelMountain goatBoy
YakovaHeld by the heelGirl
YardenaTo flow downGirl
YechezkelGod will strengthenBoy
YechielMay God liveBoy
YedidyaBeloved of GodBoy
YehudaGod will be praisedBoy
YerachmielGod will have mercyBoy
YigalHe will redeemBoy
YirmiyahuGod will upliftBoy
YiskahTo gazeGirl
YisraelTo struggle with GodBoy
YissacharThere is a rewardBoy
YochevedGod's honorGirl
YoelGod is willingBoy
YohannGod is mercifulBoy
YonatanGod's giftBoy
YoshiakiTo be happy or to be righteousBoy
YoshihiroCommon goodBoy
YoshioRighteous boyBoy
YoshiyaGod deliversBoy
YustinaFair, rightfulGirl
YusufGod increases in piety, power and influenceBoy
ZachariasGod remembersBoy
ZakaiPure, clear, free from blemishesBoy
ZehavaTo shine, light, brightnessGirl
ZehiraGuarded, protectedGirl
ZerachShining lightBoy
ZikmundVictorious protectionBoy
ZilpahDripping, sprinklingGirl
ZissaSweet oneGirl
ZoeyLife, To breathe or liveGirl
ZosiaWoman of wisdomGirl
ZsanetGod is mercifulGirl
ZsuzsiShort of Zsuzsanna, meaning lilyGirl
ZygmuntVictorious protectionBoy
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