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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Joaquin

Joaquin is a Spanish name that means “God will judge.” In Hebrew, Joaquin is derived from the name “Yehohanan,” which means “God is gracious”. In Hebrew, the name also means “raised by Yahweh,” who was the God of Israelites. It is considered to be the Spanish version of Jose or Juan and has been popular in Spain for centuries.

The name is mildly popular in the US but is more popular in South America with nicknames like Johdy, Jodh, Jojo, Kimi, and Jean. The diverse variations of Joaquin include Jabin,, Jachin, Jacqin, Jailin, Jaylin, Jalin, Jamin, Jaques, Jarrin, Jasun, Jeavin, Jaquan, Jordain, Jarin, Jaelin, Joslin, Josslin, Jaidin, Jasin, and Tarquin.

Joaquin is also considered a variant of the German name Joachim, which has been popular in various cultures. According to Christian tradition, Joachim was the husband of Saint Anne, who was the mother of the Virgin Mary. He was a rich and pious man who regularly helped the poor. According to the story, Joachim died shortly after Mary’s birth and Anne remarried, as encouraged by the Holy Spirit. He is considered the “Forebearer of God” as he is the grandfather of Jesus.

The name Joaquin was popularized in the 16th century in Spain, after which it spread its wings of popularity in Spanish-speaking countries. Joaquin is, however, an uncommon name to find in popular cultures. Commander Joaquin is a fictional character portrayed as a ruthless commander who is bent on achieving his goals at any cost in “Mobile Suit Gundam.” Joachim, also called Joaquin, is a fictional genetically-engineered character in the “Star Trek” universe. He is a follower of Khan Noonien Singh and a Eugenics warrior who fled away and was rescued later. Joaquin Murrieta is a fictional character appearing in the American film “The Mask Of Zorro.” 


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Joaquin is a Spanish male name and means Lifted by Yahweh. It is of Hebrew origin and represented in Christian religion.
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How To Pronounce Joaquin?


Famous People With The Name Joaquin

  • Joaquin PhoenixAmerican actor known for his Academy Award-winning role in the film “Joker”
  • Joaquin BalaguerFormer President of the Dominican Republic
  • Joaquin RodrigoSpanish composer and pianist, known for his “Concierto de Aranjuez”
  • Joaquin CastroAmerican lawyer and politician, representing Texas in the House of Representatives
  • Joaquin MillerAmerican poet, author, and frontiersman, nicknamed “Poet of the Sierras”
  • Joaquin CorreaArgentine football player, also plays for the club “Inter Milan

Joaquin On The Popularity Chart

Do you want to know how popular the name Joaquin has been in the US over the last few decades? You can check out the graphs below.

Popularity Over Time

The name steadily gained momentum in popularity from the 1980s and soared in popularity in 2008 with 1245 babies per million being given the name. Its usage fluctuated over the next decade.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Joaquin was the best ranked in 1983 but lost its earned place as the years progressed, seeing its least ranking in 2007. However, it gradually improved its ranking in the 2010s.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Joaquin is all about religious significance, but if you are looking for a name with a different feel but the same sound, here are some options.

Names With Similar Meaning As Joaquin

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Name Numerology For Joaquin

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