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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Jonathan

Jonathan originated from Hebrew. The name consists of two Hebrew elements, ‘yeho’ and ‘Natan.’ According to theology, ‘yeho’ offers the meaning of God, while ‘Natan’ refers to the idea of ‘to give.’ Thus, the name means ‘the gift of God.’ In addition, the root word of the name is ‘Yehonatan,’ which means ‘Yahweh has given,’ referring to the term ‘God has given.’ Another finding asserts that Yehonatan is referred to as ‘Jehovah,’ the Hebrew name of God, as added in the Bible. In this way, God’s reference is mentioned repeatedly to comprehend Jonathan’s meaning.

The name Jonathan is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. Jonathan was the name of the eldest son of King Saul. His commitment, bravery, and loyalty toward his friend David have made him one of the most cherished and admired Biblical figures of all time. Therefore, the name Jonathan represents the strength of a man.

Jonathan did not become a popular English name until the Protestant Reformation. Based on the location, you may find that this masculine name has different forms and variations, such as Jonatan and Jónatan. It is common among the Scandinavian, Dutch, German, and Spanish populations to use Jonatan, while Jónatan is a rare variant in Czech and Icelandic. Other variations commonly known are Ionatán in Irish, Jónatan in Icelandic, Ionathan in Biblical Greek, and Gionata in Italian. Some nicknames for Jonathan can be Jonny, Johnny, Jon, and John.

The name has been repeatedly featured in the film industry. Jonathan Harker was portrayed as the English solicitor in the classic horror movie Dracula. Jonathan Byers is one of the key characters in the popular series of recent times, Stranger Things. In the 1987 popular manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jonathan Joestar was the protagonist. Thus, Jonathan is not just a Biblical name but a well-adapted identification in recent times.


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it means gift of God. They are agreeable. Treasure , natural and loving persons. They spread the harmony and are simple.
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How To Pronounce Jonathan?


Famous People With The Name Jonathan

  • Jonathan Taylor ThomasAmerican actor, best known for voicing young Simba in 1994’s The Lion King
  • Jonathan GroffAmerican actor, famous for voicing Kristoff and Sven in Disney’s Frozen and Frozen II
  • Jonathan LipnickiAmerican actor, popular for movies like Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little
  • Jonathan RossBritish broadcaster, most popular for his BBC chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
  • Jonathan SwiftAnglo-Irish author, globally famous for his book series Gulliver’s Travel
  • Jonathan Safran FoerAmerican novelist, awarded with Guardian First Book Award and National Jewish Book Award for Fiction

Jonathan On The Popularity Chart

Follow up on the US Social Security Administration graphs to understand the popularity and ranking of Jonathan over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The name was at its peak popularity between the 1980s and early 1990s. In 1993, 19949 babies per million were named Jonathan. However, in the following years, its popularity decreased significantly. Check out the graph for more information.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name had a good start in the early 1980s. However, over the years, its ranking continued to deteriorate. In 2007, Jonathan was placed in the 20595th position. Check the graph for more details.

Source: Social Security Administration

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