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Origin, Meaning, And History of Josie

A diminutive of the Hebrew name Joseph and the French name Josephine, Josie was originally considered a nickname. It originates from the Hebrew name Yosef or Joseph, meaning ‘God will give’ through the Greek and Latin names Iosephus. However, it may also mean ‘Yahweh will add’ or ‘God is gracious’ in French and Hebrew.

Josie is a variant of the Hebrew name Joseph, who has strong Biblical connotations. Joseph is one of Jacob’s twelve sons and an important figure appearing in the “Book of Genesis” and was the founder of the Israelite tribe of Joseph. He is also considered the ancestor of a second Messiah, called “Messiah ben Joseph,” who was involved in a war against evil. Many of the queens and princesses of the European countries bore the name. Josephine of Leuchtnberg was the queen of Sweden and Norway in the middle of the 1800s.

Although Josie is the most stylish shorter version of Joseph and Josephine, Jo, Joy, and Zee are also some popular nicknames. Josie evokes feelings of piety with its alternate spellings of Jozie and Jozee.

Josie has been a popular name and has been borne by notable fictional characters in popular cultures. Josie Packard is the main fictional character from the American mystery drama series “Twin Peaks.” She was the owner of the Packard mill after the death of her husband, Andrew Packard. She founded her own fashion label and became an associate of Thomas Eckhardt. Josie Pye is another fictional character appearing in the 1908 novel “Anne of Green Gables” by the Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery. She was a member of the Pye family, a student of the Avonlea school, and a schoolmate of Anne Shirley. Josie Minick is the protagonist in the 1967 American comedy film “The Ballad of Josie” directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. She is a widow who lives in Arapahoe County.


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How To Pronounce Josie?


Famous People With The Name Josie

  • Josie LorenAmerican attorney and former actress, renowned for her role in ABC Family series “Make It Or Break It”
  • Josie MaranAmerican model, entrepreneur, and actress, known as the pioneer of the clean beauty movement.
  • Josie DavisAmerican actress, best known for her role in the sitcom “Charles in Charge”
  • Josie HoHong Kong singer and actress, known for her role in the movie “Exiled”
  • Josie GibsonEnglish television personality and presenter, winner of “Big Brother”

Josie On The Popularity Chart

The name Josie has seen a consistent rise in popularity especially in recent years in the US. Check the graphical representation to know more about its performance.

Popularity Over Time

Josie was a moderately popular name in the 1980s and 1990s but took a huge leap in the latter half of the 1990s with its peak popularity in 2021 when 2150 babies per million were assigned the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Josie has always been ranked in the Top 1000 most popular names and got better as the years progressed. As seen in the graph, its ranking improved as it entered the 21st century and made its way into the Top 200 names in 2018.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Josie

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Name Numerology For Josie

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