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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Juliet

Juliet, derived from the Latin name “Julia,” was common among women in ancient Rome. In French, the name “Juliette” originated from the Old French name “Julie,” which is a variation of the Latin name “Julia,” meaning “youthful” or “downy.” Julia was popular among the Roman aristocracy and was believed to have been derived from the name “Julius,” a common Roman family name that means “descended from Jupiter.”

The meaning “Jove’s child” is also often used to define Juliet, which also has English origins. Jove was the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus and was considered the king of the gods in Roman mythology. Thus, the reference to Juliet being Jove’s child is a nod to her youthfulness and vitality.

The name Juliet has many variations across the world, including Giulietta (Italian), Juliette (French), Juletta (Russian), Julie (English), Júlia (Portuguese, Spanish), Júlija (Slavic), Julika (German), and Julliette (Dutch). The phonetic spelling of the name Juliet is “Joo-lee-eht.” The spelling “Juliet,” unlike the common French version, was first used by Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet in the year 1596. Although “Juliet” invokes feminine and delicate images, it also projects strong loyalty, elegance, and a regal essence.

Juliet is also a popular name for fictional characters, often associated with love and romance. One of the most popular characters was Juliet Capulet from William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet.” It is one of the most famous plays written by Shakespeare and is considered one of his greatest works. Some other famous characters with this name include Juliet Hobbes, a character in “The Simpsons,” Juliet Sharp, a character in the TV drama “Gossip Girl,” Juliet Burke from the TV show “Lost,” and Juliet Simmons from the movie “Music and Lyrics.”

The name Juliet has been a popular choice among parents for many years. It first gained widespread popularity in the early 1900s and has since been a steady favorite. According to recent data, the name currently ranks as the 295th most popular name in the US and is continuously growing in popularity.


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How To Pronounce Juliet?


Famous People With The Name Juliet

  • Juliet LandauAmerican Actress, Director, Producer
  • Juliet RichardsonAmerican Musician
  • Juliet MillsEnglish-American Actress
  • Juliet AubreyBritish Actress and BAFTA Award Winner
  • Juliet SimmsAmerican Musician, Songwriter
  • Juliet B. SchorAmerican Economist
  • Juliet CampbellJamaican Olympic sprinter

Juliet On The Popularity Chart

Since the early 1900s, the elegant and artistic name has been popular and is currently regaining prominence in the US. Have a look at the graphic representation of its popularity over time.

Popularity Over Time

With just 182 babies per million being named Juliet to over 1300, this name has constantly been gaining popularity. Here is a graph depicting the fluctuation in popularity over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Ranked at 227, Juliet saw peak popularity in 2017. The chart below describes the ranking of Juliet as a baby name over the years.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Juliet

Juliet has an enchanting ring that is reminiscent of aristocratic beauty. Take a look at our list of similar-sounding names if you like the sound of “Juliet.”

Names With Similar Meaning As Juliet

Backed by rich literary history and multicultural origin, Juliet evokes a sense of everlasting popularity and is a brilliant conversation starter as a baby name. We have curated a list of names with similar meanings for you.

Name Numerology For Juliet

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