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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Kamila

Kamila is a name derived from both Arabic and Slavic origins. It is derived from the Arabic word Kamil, which means ‘perfect’ or ‘complete.’ In Slavic languages, it is a variant of Camilla, which is derived from the Roman cognomen Camillus and means ‘young ceremonial attendant.’

Furthermore, the Latin word Camillus may have derived from the ancient Greek word gamḗlios, which means ‘for a wedding,’ ‘bridal,’ or ‘nuptial.’ Camillus was most popular in the 16th century when it was used by Christian families and was influenced by the name of the monk Saint Camillus de Lellis.

Camilla (the name of a queen of the Volsci) appears in Virgil’s famous epic poem “Aeneid,” and she is known as the strongest female mortal. As the daughter of King Metabus, she was sworn to Diana’s service (goddess of the hunt).

Kamila is also a variant of the Latin name Kamilla, which means ‘helper to the priest.’ It is used in several countries and languages worldwide, particularly in Arabic-speaking countries, Czech-speaking countries, English-speaking countries, and Slovak-speaking countries.

The common variations of the name Kamila include Kamilla (Polish), Camilla (Ancient Roman), Camilla (English), Camila (Spanish), Camilla (Finnish), Camille (French), Camilla (German), and Kamilla (Hungarian). Camilla, Kamilla (Danish), Camilla (Italian), Kamilė(Lithuanian), Camila (Portuguese), Camilla (Roman Mythology), Kamilla (Russian), and Camilla (Swedish) are the other alternatives for Kamila.

Cami, Camie, Milla, Mils, Kammy, Meelia, Kamie, Millie, Milly, Miley, Mills, Milie, Kam, Kami, Mila, Kamy, Kamm, and Melia are a few adorable nicknames for the name Kamila.

The variants of the name Kamila made a mark in the world of fiction. Camilla Gevert is a fictional character in the Bert Diaries novel series. Camilla Macaulay is a fictional character in the novel The Secret History. The American crime drama TV show Queen of the South has an important character named Camila Vargas. Camilla Lollia and Camilla Valerius are characters in the role-playing video game series The Elder Scrolls.


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Kamila name means a Youth Employed in Religious Sevices
 K..  Ka..  Kam..  Kan..  Ken..  Kin.. 

How To Pronounce Kamila?


Famous People With The Name Kamila

  • Kamilla AsylovaKazakhstani model, crowned Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2016
  • Kamilla Yusufovna GafurzianovaRussian female fencer, honored with “Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”
  • Kamilla Ralifovna GainetdinovaRussian pair skater, JGP Belarus champion 2013
  • Kamila Valeryevna ValievaRussian figure skater, the 2022 European champion, and the 2021 and 2023 Russian National silver medalist
  • Kamilla Sofie VallinDanish professional racing cyclist, won the Danish National Road Race Championships

Kamila On The Popularity Chart

The popularity and ranking of the name Kamila can be seen from the graphical representations given below.

Popularity Over Time

The name Kamilia’s popularity has steadily increased since 2000. It reached its peak in 2020, with 1345 babies per million sharing the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of Kamila improved steadily after 2000. It has been in Top 500 names since 2010. Kamila was in the 226th position in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

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