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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Kane

The name Kane has its roots in Scottish and Irish culture, originating from the names Mac Catháin, O’Cahan, or Ó Catháin. It is derived from the Gaelic word for “warrior” or “son of Cathán.” Some popular anglicized variations include Keane, Keene, Kain, Kathan, O’Cahan, McCaughan, O’Kane, and O’Keane.

During medieval Ireland, the O’Cahan family, a powerful clan of the Northern Uí Néill’s Cenél nEógain, held sway over an area that spanned from Laggan in the east of County Donegal to Keenaght in County Londonderry. Over time, the O’Cahans defeated the O’Connors, a prominent family from Keenaght, and assumed control over the region, which became known as O’Cahan’s Country. The O’Cahans maintained their power and influence over this area and the town of Coleraine until the seventeenth century. Saint Cathan was an Irish monk during the 6th century and one of the first Irish missionaries to the Isle of Bute.

In fiction, Kane is a character in the movie Alien directed by Ridley Scott. Played by John Hurt, he becomes the host of the deadly extraterrestrial in this epic sci-fi. In addition, Kane is one of the main protagonists in the science-fiction novel The Outlanders. Kane is the antagonist and a recurring character in the video game series Command & Conquer. In this real-time strategy game, he is the leader of the religious fanatic terrorist organization, the Brotherhood of Nod Society.

Kane is also the titular main character of the comic book series developed by Paul Grist. He is a police detective in the storyline. Garrison Kane, known by aliases like Kane or Weapon X, is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe who can transform weapons and use the powers of recorded mutants. Charles Foster Kane is a fictional character from one of the great classic movies Citizen Kane. Played by Orson Welles, he is a wealthy newspaper publisher. Finally, Henry Kane is the fictional antagonist of the famous Poltergeist film.


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Kane means Fighter, Hero
Celtic, Gaelic
 K..  Ka..  Kaa..  Kah..  Kam.. 

How To Pronounce Kane?


Famous People With The Name Kane

  • KaneAmerican professional wrestler known for his WWE era and also the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee
  • Harry KaneEnglish soccer player and Golden Boot winner of 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • Kane and AbelAmerican hip-hop duo known for their time with the No Limit Records
  • Big Daddy KaneAmerican rapper, producer, and actor known for his song Ain’t No Half-Steppin
  • Kane BrownAmerican singer famous known for being the first to have five simultaneous number ones on the Billboard Country Charts
  • Kane WilliamsonNew Zealand cricketer and the captain of the New Zealand National Team

Kane On The Popularity Chart

Kane is a popular name, as per the data released by the Social Security Administration. Let us study the chart to see its performance over the years.

Popularity Over Time

Kane was not a preferred name during the 1980s and the early 1990s. However, it has grown in popularity considerably to reach an average of 993 babies per million sharing the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

After its all-time high of 13,207 on the chart in 1983, it is currently at 17,873 as of 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Kane

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Name Numerology For Kane

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