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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Kate

Kate is a popular name that has been prevalent for years. It is a short feminine name that comes from Katherine and Caitlin. Katherine is commonly spelled Catherine and has many other equally popular variations. Owing to their historical derivations from the earliest Christian saint, Catherine of Alexandria, they are a popular name among the religion. The name Katherine comes from the Greek word katharos, meaning pure. Historically, the term has seen many changes and alterations and was brought to England by the Crusaders during the medieval period.

Some of the many diminutives of the name are Kit, Katyusha, Kitty, Katrya, Kota, Katya, Katja, Kay, Kat, Kath, Kathe, Kathy, Kate, Katy, and Katie. Some common variants of the name are Katharine, Kathryn, and Katherine. It is spelled Catherine in French and English. However, the name Karen, which originated in Denmark, is not considered to be related to this title. The anglicized form of the Irish name Caitlin, such as Cathleen or Kathleen, is now considered a common name in the US, irrespective of their background.

In fiction, Katherine Rebecca Kane, also known as Batwoman, appears in the DC Comics universe as the female masked vigilante and the female counterpart to Batman. She is a wealthy heiress who uses her resources to fight crime and evil lurking in Gotham city. Kate Spencer is a heroine, also known as the first female Manhunter in DC Comics. Katherine Kate Bishop, or Hawkeye, is a character from Marvel Comics. In the TV series Hawkeye on Disney+, Hailee Steinfeld plays her role.

Katherine Anne Austin is a recurring character from the TV series Lost. Evangeline Lilly plays her role. Katherine Houghton Beckett is another character from the TV series Castle, played by Stana Katic. Kate Roberts Brady is the matriarch and the pivotal character from the TV series Days of Our Lives.


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Kate means Clear
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How To Pronounce Kate?


Famous People With The Name Kate

  • Kate BeckinsaleEnglish actress and model known for her iconic role of Selene in the Underworld film series
  • Kate VoegeleAmerican singer/songwriter and actress known for her albums like A Fine Mess, Gravity Happens, and Canyonlands
  • Kate WarnerAustralian lawyer, legal academic, and the 28th Governor of Tasmania
  • Kate WinsletDecorated English actress known for her iconic roles in movies like Titanic, The Reader, and Avatar: The Way of Water
  • Kate MossBritish fashion icon known for her collaboration with Calvin Klein

Kate On The Popularity Chart

According to the data released by the Social Security Administration, Kate is one of the most popular and liked names for baby girls. So let us study and analyze its performance over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The name has remained one of the highly demanded monikers for ages. As of 2021, an average of 757 babies per million have shared the title. Check the graph for more details.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Kate has been a relatively famous name for baby girls. However, as per the data, we can see that it has faced some ups and downs. As of 2021, it is at the 413th position on the chart. The graph below represents the trend.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Kate

There are many famous names with a similar sound to Kate. You can have a look at them from the suggestions provided below.

Names With Similar Meaning As Kate

Several names have the same meaning as Kate. If you want a different name, check out the list below.

Name Numerology For Kate

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