121 Kazakh Baby Names With Meanings

In Kazakh families, the grandfather of the baby or any other respectable person of the community picks the name so that the baby grows up to be as good as the name giver. Some parents even ask a guest to name their child. Modern and urban Kazakh parents take it upon themselves to select a suitable name for their child.

A Kazakh given name can be inspired by weather, season, health, local sites, omens, events and even body features. They pick soft, beautiful, tender and easy-to-spell-and-pronounce names for baby girls, believing that an evil eye wouldn’t harm them. Some parents even name their children after stars and expensive fabrics.

However, the attitude of the Kazakhs towards boys’ names is a bit different. Since men are supposed to be defenders, parents would name them after noble people, poets, and courageous war figures. Sometimes, the name would even link to the attributes of the nomadic life of the Kazakhs.

So, if you want to pay tribute to a Kazakh ancestor and want a Kazakh name for your son or daughter, you’re at the perfect place. You’ll find a list of beautiful and unique Kazakh boy and girl names below.

AdilbekA just and fair master or chieftainBoy
AdilkhanA just and fair ruler or leaderBoy
AdilzhanA just, fair soulBoy
AdyletThe variant transcription of Adilet It means justiceBoy
AibalaMoon childGirl
AibanuMoon ladyGirl
AidanaWise moonGirl
AidarThe variant transcription of Aydar, meaning forelock or topknotBoy
AiganymMoon princessGirl
AigerimOne who is very beautifulGirl
AinarMale moonBoy
AisultanKing of the moonBoy
AkbotaWhite baby-camelGirl
AkerkeA spoiled and mischievous childGirl
AkhatOne and onlyBoy
AkhmetKazakh form of Ahmad, meaning more commendableBoy
AkzhurekWhite heartBoy
AlibekA combination of Ali and the Turkish title Bek meaning ruler, chief or lordBoy
AltynayGolden moonGirl
AltynbayOne who is rich and wealthyBoy
AmangeldiSafety cameBoy
AnarbekPomegranate masterBoy
AnuarKazakh variant of Variant of Anwar, meaning brighter and luminousBoy
ArystanbekThe name is derived from Kazakh word arystan, which means lion and Turkish title beg, which means master or chiefBoy
AsetAset is derived from Arabic word asad meaning lionBoy
AsylbekNoble and precious master or chieftainBoy
AyakozOne with beautiful eyesGirl
AydarTopknot or forelock, referring to the hairstyle of ancient Turkic warriorsBoy
AyukhanLeader of the bearBoy
AzamatMajesty or gloryBoy
AzizbekPowerful chiefBoy
BaizhanA rich soulBoy
BakytHappiness or luckUnisex
BakytbekHappy chiefBoy
BakytzhanA happy soulBoy
BalganymA lady as sweet as honeyGirl
BaltaAn axBoy
BatimaKazakh form of Fatimah, meaning to abstainGirl
BauyrzhanBrother soulBoy
BeibutPeaceful or peaceBoy
BekarysThe name is derived from the Turkish title Beg meaning chieftain, master and Kazakh word Arys, meaning foundation, support, frameworkBoy
BerikOne who is firm, hard and strongBoy
BirzhanOne soulBoy
BolatbekChieftain or masterBoy
BolatkhanRuler or leaderBoy
BotagozEye of the baby camelGirl
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