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Origin, Meaning And History of Keiran

Keiran is an Irish-Gaelic origin name that has become popular worldwide. The name is a modern version of Ciarán, an Irish term that translates to ‘black’ or ‘dark’ in English. As a result, Keiran signifies ‘dark-haired,’ ‘dark-complexioned,’ or ‘black-haired,’ and is primarily used for boys. Although the name was originally most common in Ireland, it has now spread globally.

Ciarán, a version of the name Keiran, was borne by two Irish saints of the 5th century. One of these saints was also the founder of the monastery at Clonmacnoise. The two saints that bore this name were among the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. The inhabitants later adopted the name as a homage to the piety and devotion of the saints.

Keiran is typically pronounced as ‘KEE-rǝn’ in English and its common variations include Ciaran, Kieran, Ciarán, Keiron, Keiren, Keerun and Kiran. Kier Bear, Kiers, Kiery Weiry and Kezza are some nicknames that people bearing the name may have.

Lena Kieran Luthor is a prominent fictional character and the protagonist of the CW series Supergirl. The show features Supergirl, the cousin of Superman and one of the last survivors of Krypton, as the main character. Lena Kieran Luthor is a memorable character from the series.

Another notable fictional character is Ciaran McCarthy from the British TV series Coronation Street. The show became an instant hit due to its depiction of a down-to-earth, working-class community, with a blend of relatable characters and light-hearted humor. The series is set in England on a cobbled street in Weatherfield, a fictional town near Salford.


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Keiran means The one that is Little and Dark
Celtic, Irish
 K..  Ka..  Kah..  Kar.. 

How To Pronounce Keiran?


Famous People With The Name Keiran

  • Keiran WestwoodEnglish professional footballer, played for the Republic of Ireland and the Queens Park Rangers
  • Kieran Kyle CulkinAmerican actor, best known for his role in the movies Home Alone and Father of the Bride
  • Kieran Michael LalorAmerican politician, author, and entrepreneur
  • Kieran Martin WestRetired English rower, represented Great Britain in 2000 Olympics and won a gold medal
  • Sir Walter Kieran PrendergastRetired British diplomat, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs at the United Nations

Keiran On The Popularity Chart

According to the US Social Security Administration, Keiran’s popularity has experienced significant fluctuations, with a period of stability between 2011 and 2014.

Popularity Over Time

The name reached the peak of its popularity in 2007, with over 18 babies per million. Check out the graph for detailed insights into the name’s ranking over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

After some improvement in 2007, Kieran saw a steep fall in its ranking between 2008 and 2010. The name again saw a steep fall between 2014 and 2015.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound to Keiran

Here are popular baby names that sound similar to Keiran but have different meanings.

Names With Similar Meanings as Keiran

Kieran’s meaning reflects its Gaelic roots efficiently. Here are some names that mean the same as Kieran you can consider for your little one.

Name Numerology For Keiran

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