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Parents often think hard and long about a name for their newborn. There are countless websites and books to help you pick a name that sounds good and has a beautiful meaning. Since the popular given names in the US can be traced back to ancient words, how about choosing an ancient name itself, something like a Kurdish name.

Kurdish is a northwestern Iranian language spoken by Kurds in the Western Asia. The language has three dialects – Northern Kurdish called Kurmanji, Central Kurdish called Sorani, and Southern Kurdish, called Pehlewani. The language also shares traits with Iranian languages, especially Persian, primarily due to the intense and longstanding historical contacts.

Kurds, mainly Iraqi Kurds, have now adapted to the Arabic naming conventions. But the traditional Kurds opt for a tribe or geographic name as the last name and the grandfather’s or great grandfather’s personal name as the family name. Hence, the name includes a personal name and a surname. For the middle name, the Kurds use their father’s and grandfather’s or mother’s and grandmother’s personal name. Children adopt their father's family’s name as with most of the Western families. But Kurdish women do not take their husband’s family name on marriage.

Deluge yourself in the world of Kurdish baby names below. MomJunction has included both names and meanings below.

RoyarWhere the sun rises.Boy
RozerinWhere the sun risesGirl
RozhinThe beginning of the dayGirl
RusenOne who is jovial and cheerful.Girl
SaryaName for a pious womanGirl
SazanCarp or roachGirl
SercanServant or slaveGirl
SeydaA woman who is crazy in love.Girl
ShanarKurdish word for pomegranate flowerGirl
SidarKurdish word, meaning shade or canopyGirl
SimcoOne who harkensBoy
SirvanName of a river in Kurdistan.Boy
SolinA beautiful flower garden or parterre.Girl
SoranKurdish princedomBoy
SozanGlowing or burningGirl
TelaShort for of OtteliaGirl
TujelaTujela is the name of a plateau.Girl
ViyanIntention or wishGirl
YadoName of a Kurdish leader.Boy
YaranA close friendBoy
YeldaWinter solsticeGirl
YezdaA divine creatureGirl
YezdanserThe lion of GodBoy
ZeryaKurdish word for sea.Girl
ZoranSultan or kingBoy
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