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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Landry

Landry is a unisex name with roots in the French language and culture. The name implies a powerful ruler and therefore symbolizes elements of royalty such as a crown, sword, and throne. Landry originates from the Old French personal name Landri, which means ‘land ruler.’ Landri, in turn, comes from the ancient Germanic term Landric(us), which signifies the strength or power of the Earth or one who dominates the Earth. Landry is also a popular surname found in many town names in France, Canada, and the US. In French Canadian, it is a shortened variant of a habitational name from La Glanderie, a region in Yvelines, France.

Historically, the name can be traced back to the fifth century in France. Saint Landry of Sees was a bishop renowned for advancing Christianity in his diocese. This may be the reason why the name gained popularity in medieval times in France. However, the name did not become very popular as a surname. Some prominent French surnames include Landrys of Acadia, Landrys of Old Acadia, and Landrylines in North America.

Some well-known variations in the spelling of the name include Landree, Landre, Landrey, L’andre, and Liendry. In America, the name’s popularity seems to have been fueled by the Dallas Cowboys coach Thomas Wade Landry or Tom Landry. As the first head coach of this football team, he held this position for an impressive 29 seasons.

Elsewhere, we can find some mentions of it in popular culture. For example, the television series Friday Night Lights features the protagonist, Landry Clarke. In the game Hustle Cat, Landry is the name of a dated character. Landry is also a fictitious boy raccoon created by the Japanese toy company Sanrio.


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The one who rules the land
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Famous People With The Name Landry

  • Landry AllbrightAmerican actress, known for her work in the film The Bold and the Beautiful
  • Landry BenderAmerican actress, known for her work in the film The Sitter
  • Landry FieldsAmerican professional basketball player and the general manager of the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association
  • Landry JonesAmerican football quarterback, received a four-star rating by both and
  • Sirkka-Liisa LandryA Finnish chess player, sixteen-times winner of the Finnish Women’s Chess Championship

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