24 Latin America Baby Names With Meanings

Ever since the Hispanic culture has been expanding in the US, the popularity of Latin American names is growing manifold. The names which were once exclusive only to Hispanic parents have now begun featuring in the Social Security Administration top 100 list.

The Latin American naming convention is similar to the Spanish naming conventions. Some modifications do exist, pertaining to surname rules.

In the colonial times, Latin American babies were given two to three given names, along with a paternal surname and a maternal surname. The first name was followed by a second name that had a ‘de’ in the front. Not much of the naming convention has changed. The Latin American names still consist of a first name, followed by the father’s surname, then the mother’s surname. Even the second name is very much in use. The only exception is that now the second names are used only for formal occasions or for registration in birth, marriage, and death certificates. Also, Latin American names are baptized with English, instead of Spanish given names.

What makes Latin American names different is that they are enriched by the different traditions of past and present. So below MomJunction has got you an extensive list of Latin American names with meanings.

AmaiaA variant of Maia which means an endingGirl
BenedictaA Danish name.Girl
BenjaminSon Of The Right HandBoy
BlandineLatin name meaning "charming"Girl
CamilaShe attends ceremonialsGirl
CatalinaA woman of great purityGirl
CesarThe hairy oneBoy
DylanOne who is born near the sea and is son of seaBoy
IanGod is graciousBoy
JuanaGift of God. Such people know how to deal with their life and what they have to do. They are nice and unselfish.Girl
LautaroSwift hawk, daringBoy
Luciawhite, bright lightGirl
MartinaWarring, warlike womanGirl
MateoHe was the gift of GodBoy
MatiasA gift of GodBoy
MikaelaA bright and beautiful female filled with quiet and loving nature, One who is friendly with all.Girl
PaulaLatin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of PaulGirl
RodriguezA son of an acclaimed rulerBoy
SantiagoSaint JamesUnisex
SebastianHe who is from SebastiaBoy
VictoriaVictory, conquerGirl
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