905 Latin Baby Boy Names With Meanings

CosticaStable; Steadfast; Diminutive of ConstantinBoy
CostinConstant; Steady; Diminutive of ConstantinBoy
CourtReference to the residence of the lord of a manor; From Old French'Yard or enclosure'; From English 'Small, Short'; Also refers to Courtier and court attendent.Boy
CrewOf the chariot; It is a variant of the name "Carew"; It comes from when a family lives as dwellers at a cattlepen in the UK.Unisex
CrispinDerived from the Roman family name "Crispinus"; CurlyHairedBoy
CrispinoItalian, Spanish and Portuguese form of "Crispin" meaning CurlyhairedBoy
CristenInvariant form of the Latin name "Christianityus"; Disciple of ChristUnisex
CristoSpanish,Italian and Portuguese form of "Christopher"; Follower of Christ; Also means Productive and efficientBoy
CrostonA farm or a settlementBoy
CurtDerived from court; courteousBoy
CustTo developBoy
CustantiConstant or steadfast.Boy
CustantinuSicilian form of Constantinus, meaning constant.Boy
CutlerSharp knife makerBoy
CyThe masterBoy
CyrusFar seeing young individualBoy
DacianName of an ancient placeBoy
DadeDark oneBoy
DamarcusThe Lord of warBoy
DamarisSuper gentle being; CalfBoy
DamasNear the coastBoy
DaryusPersian KingBoy
DaxxThe one who is at peaceBoy
DeanChief of a valley; leaderBoy
DedoA Lord; they are sympathetic beingsBoy
DelmerOne who resides near a seaBoy
DemarcusA soft and tender personBoy
DemetriosA devoted individual; a friendBoy
DexterRight handed or Skilled also an occupational name that means One who dyesBoy
DiaraA gift; they are quiet and a commanderUnisex
DionisOne who is the God of wineBoy
DiuclezzianuDiuclezzianu is the Sicilian form of Diocletianus and means glory of Zeus.Boy
DobagnusA person who desires to be in position of a leaderBoy
DoiminicBelonging to God ,LordlyUnisex
DominicBelonging to the all-mighty.Boy
DominickThe one of the LordBoy
DominicoThe Lords; one who is of the GodBoy
DominoIt means master of allUnisex
DomoniqueA Lord; they have a very clever mind and active bodyUnisex
DonatusGiven; Given by God; Present; Gift from God; Derivative from DonatBoy
DontaeAn enduring, nice, able and everlasting personBoy
DonteThey are contemporary and enduring peopleBoy
DossThey are the hill top; one who lives on hillBoy
DovatocusA person who has a gentle heart and strong mindBoy
DracoDragon; one who is like a serpantBoy
DragoA dragon who is precious and mightyBoy
DuralabhAn enduring and compasionate personBoy
DuranA firm and enduring human beingBoy
EgidioA shield bearer; name of a brave kidBoy
EgidiusA youthful and mature individualBoy
ElioOne who has the power of SunBoy
EliseuA salvation providing God; they satisfyBoy
Elviothis name means someone who is blond or fair.Boy
Emilianit means excellent or the desire to excel.Boy
Emitta powerful person known all over the universe.Boy
Emlensomeone who is eager or industrious.Boy
Emlynone who is eager for excellence or highly industrious.Boy
Endabird or bird like.Boy
Enemnogenusa fierce birdlike person.Boy
EnyonThe name is derived from Latin name Annianus. It means belonging to the gens of Annius.Boy
Epifaniorevelation of god.Boy
Errolarmy commander.Boy
Errollsomeone who commands an army.Boy
ErwanThe archerBoy
ErwannErwann is a variant of Erwan and means the archerBoy
Esaia Spanish word meaning god is my salvation.Boy
EsperanzaSpanish word for hope.Boy
Estibalizsomething which occurs in the summer.Boy
Etguinoa name which has the meaning of forever after or till infinity.Boy
Etguinumtill eternity or forever or till the ending of time.Boy
Eugeniusa Greek name meaning well born or high born or nobility.Boy
Eulaliaa saint who got martyred.Boy
Eustaquioa Spanish word meaning fruitful or productive.Boy
Evandroa Latin word meaning good man.Boy
EverildLatinized form of a 7th century saint's name.Boy
FabiusA bean-growerBoy
FalcoSurname related to falconryBoy
FaustOne who is luckyBoy
FaustinusA man of fortuneBoy
FavianA very brave manBoy
FelexVariation of Felix which means Happy or FortunateBoy
FelicianoA young man who is luckyBoy
FelicioHe who is lucky in lifeBoy
FelixA man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and successBoy
FestusHe who is festive and full of joyBoy
FidelLatin - Faithful; Derived from the word FidelisBoy
FiliusA male offspring; son; heirBoy
FinisThe End; the final oneBoy
FinjaFair, pale or white (Derived from Irish name Finn)Boy
FinlayA fair and heroic warriorBoy
FioreA flower (Italian version of fiora)Boy
FiraqThe act of separatingBoy
FiskA person who makes a livelihood out of selling fishBoy
FitzhughFitz+Hugh esentially means "The son of Hugh"Boy
FitzsimonsBasically, "Fitz"+"Simons" means "the male child of Simon"Boy
FiuIt literally means "son" or "male child"Boy
FlaedeA person who prefers to stay by himselfBoy
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