905 Latin Baby Boy Names With Meanings

FlavianA blond or light-haired Boy; Derived from Latin word 'flavus' meaning 'blond'Boy
FledaA fast-moving, swift and nimble-footed personBoy
FlorinoA variant of 'Florian', the name means 'to bloom or flower'Boy
FlorisA form of Latin word 'Florus', it means 'flowers' or 'blooms'Boy
FoivosSomething pure and brilliant; bright oneBoy
FonsDerived from Spanish name "Alfonso' it means someone noble and honorableBoy
FonsieDiminutive of Spanish name 'Alfonso', it means someone respectable and nobleBoy
FonsoVariant of Spanish name 'Alfonso' it means someone who is honorable and readyBoy
FortunatModified from 'Fortuna', it means 'fortunate and happy'Boy
FortunatoAn anternant of 'Fortunat', it refers to a 'happy and luck-endowed' personBoy
FortunatusA person who is favoured by Lady LuckBoy
FortuneDerived from the name 'Fortuna', it literally means 'luck' or 'fortune'Boy
FortuoIt translates to 'good luck'; Also refers to a baby born on 20th of AprilUnisex
FoscoDerived from Latin word 'fuscus' which means something 'dull' and'dark-colored'Boy
FranSomeone who is French by bloodUnisex
FrancRefers to a Frenchman; independent and nobleBoy
FranchotA Frenchman or a free individualBoy
FrancisThe masculine word for 'Frances', it means 'hailing from France' or a free personBoy
FranciscaFrom franceUnisex
FranciscoA variant of Latin name 'Franciscus' it refers to a Frenchman or a free manBoy
FranciscusIt represents The Frank or a man who has his roots in FranceBoy
FranciskusGerman form of Latin 'Franciscus' and means 'a free man'Boy
FranciszekIt refers to a Frenchman or 'the free one'Boy
FrancizekModified from 'Franciszek', it means 'the free man' or 'The Frank'Boy
FrankoDerived from Latin word 'Frank', meaning a 'Frenchman' or a free personBoy
FrankyA name referring to he who is 'free and of French origin'Boy
FransReferring to a man of French origin and who is freeBoy
FransiscoA Latin variant of 'Francis', it means a Frenchman who is freeBoy
FranyFree One; From France; A variant of name FrannyBoy
FrauncesAn obsolete form of 'France' and refers to a FrenchmanBoy
FulgencioSparkling or shining.Boy
FulvioThe one who is having red hair.Boy
FurioMarked by extreme and violent energy.Boy
GabinoMan originally coming from Gabium or Gabio.Boy
GaidarThe one who expresses joy.Boy
GaiusThe one who is celebrated.Boy
GalfridThe concord of God.Boy
GallusOne of the fowls, rooster.Boy
GemineLatin - Twin; Third zodiac sign; Two brightest stars in the constellation, Castor and Pollux; Mythological twin sons of Leda.Boy
GeminiMeans two babies who were born together, two babies in single birth, twins.Unisex
GencioOne who loves his family.Boy
GeneroRefers to descriptive of all members of a genus.Boy
GerardusA firm spear that cannot be taken offBoy
GermanusThe male sibling born to same parents.Boy
GervasiusThe person who is always working with the spear.Boy
GeryName of an ancient Christianity saint.Boy
GilbertusGilbertus is a Latin version of the name Gilbert. It is a male name and means Shining Pledge or Bright Pledge.Boy
GilebertusGilbertus is a Latin version of the name Gilbert and means Bright Pledge. It is a male name.Boy
GilibertusGilibertus is a Latin male name and means Brigh, Shinning Pledge,Boy
GillebertusMale name of Latin origin. The meaning of the name is Bright Pledge.Boy
GilroyGilroy is a name of Scottish and Latin origin. It is a male name and means Serves the King.Boy
GiustinoGiustino means FairBoy
GlorThe name Glor means Glory, Victory.Boy
GracianoLatin - Pleasing; Grace; A variant form of name Graziano;Boy
GramThey are independent, friendly and easily approachable. They are always happy to keep happiness for others.Boy
GramercyThey are idealistic and love to live in dreams.They are understanding,hardworking and intelligent.Boy
GrantleyThey are idealistic and love to live in dreams.They are understanding,hardworking and intelligent.Boy
GraseIn latin grase means beautiful and blessings.Boy
GratianGratian means the person who is grateful. Gratful to lord or anyone.Boy
GratianaGratian means the person who is grateful. Gratful to lord or anyone.Boy
GratianoGratian means the person who is grateful. Gratful to lord or anyone.Boy
GregorijaTo watchBoy
GregoriusWatchful; Vigilant; Alert; Derived from Greek name GregoriosBoy
GrissomThe one with clever mind, quick witted, excited, adventorous and inttelligent.Boy
GuyIn latin guy means a person who have a spirit of living this life happily.Boy
GuyonIn latin guy means a person who have a spirit of living this life happily.Boy
GwenelBlessed and Generous, They are good natured, approacable, blessed, and good natured.Boy
GwidonThese are lively, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.Boy
Hadrianfascinating, A 2nd-century Roman emperor built a wall across northern Britain.Boy
HalianA variation of name JulianBoy
HannibalGrace, beauty, lovelinessBoy
Hasta Christianity, HandBoy
HendrikusLord's Manor; Home Ruler; A variant of name HendrikBoy
HenricusLatinized form of HEINRICHBoy
HerbertusBrave ArmyBoy
HerculanoOf the God Hercules.Boy
HilarioLatin - Cheerful; A variant form of the English name Hilary.Boy
HillyerFrom the Yard on a Hill; Hard WarriorBoy
HippocratesPowerful as a horseBoy
HonorLatin - Honored; HonorableBoy
HonoriusLatin - Honored; HonorableBoy
HoraceOf Latin origin, meaning "Hour in Time"; A variant of HorazBoy
HoratioA variant of Horaz; Hour in TimeBoy
IlarionBulgarian form of Hilarion, meaning happy.Boy
InclementiaThe Latin word describing 'cruelty'Boy
IuliuRomanian form of Julianus, meaning descended from Jupiter.Boy
JariathLatin - In Control; Tributary Lord; A variant transcription of Jarlath.Boy
JarlenTributary lordBoy
JastinLatin - Just; Righteous; Fair; Judicious; A variant of JustinBoy
Jean-francoisIn Latin independent, in Hebrew God concerns.Boy
JermainA man from germany, one who is brotherlyBoy
JermaineA man from germany, one who is brotherlyUnisex
JermanusAn armed man or a soldierBoy
JesAn aristocratic personBoy
JhirmainePeople with this name gives a clear sketch about the good business and are clever in nature.fine things in life. such people demand peace and They enjoy the company of friends and family.Boy
JoannesJoannes is a Latin verion of the Hebrew name Yochanan that means God is grious. It is a male name, mostly represented in Christian religion.Boy
JoceaumeThe name means Joy. It is a male name of Latin origin and is mostly given to people of Christian religion.Boy
JohannesHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name JohnBoy
Jolyonit means youthful and charming person. People with this name are nice and fun loving. They do listen for advice and are loved by friends and family.Boy
JostThe name Jost means in Breton Lord, in Latin FairBoy
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