22 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter B

BenjaminSon Of The Right HandBoy
BalendinIt means being brave, fierce and physically powerful.Boy
BalintThe name means strong and healthy.Boy
BarivendusLatin name for BoysBoy
BeanieCat LikeBoy
BellareLatin - To fight; Roman Goddess of War; A companion of WarBoy
BendiksOne who is blessed.Boy
BenedictBlessed, sacredBoy
BenediktoA variant of Benedict, meaning blessed.Boy
BenesekCornish form of Benedict, derived from Latin word benedictus, which means blessed.Boy
BenignoKindly, Good, Benign; A derivative from the Roman Imperial name BenignusBoy
BenisonBlessing or benediction.Boy
BenitoLatin - Blessed; Variant of name BenedictBoy
Bertalanson of Talmai, son of the one whoBoy
BieitoBlessed, a man with the blessings of the Almighty.Boy
BivitasA person who leads a good lifeBoy
BonifaciusHe whose faith is goodBoy
BranchAn extension, prolongment or additionBoy
BrazilA conflict or disagreement on certain issuesUnisex
BrennusRuler, prince or kingBoy
BrocagnusA man who is like a badgerBoy
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