33 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter D

DiegoMexian version of name James;passionateBoy
DacianName of an ancient placeBoy
DadeDark oneBoy
DamarcusThe Lord of warBoy
DamarisSuper gentle being; CalfBoy
DamasNear the coastBoy
DaryusPersian KingBoy
DaxxThe one who is at peaceBoy
DeanChief of a valley; leaderBoy
DedoA Lord; they are sympathetic beingsBoy
DelmerOne who resides near a seaBoy
DemarcusA soft and tender personBoy
DemetriosA devoted individual; a friendBoy
DexterRight handed or Skilled also an occupational name that means One who dyesBoy
DiaraA gift; they are quiet and a commanderUnisex
DionisOne who is the God of wineBoy
DiuclezzianuDiuclezzianu is the Sicilian form of Diocletianus and means glory of Zeus.Boy
DobagnusA person who desires to be in position of a leaderBoy
DoiminicBelonging to God ,LordlyUnisex
DominicBelonging to the all-mighty.Boy
DominickThe one of the LordBoy
DominicoThe Lords; one who is of the GodBoy
DominoIt means master of allUnisex
DomoniqueA Lord; they have a very clever mind and active bodyUnisex
DonatusGiven; Given by God; Present; Gift from God; Derivative from DonatBoy
DontaeAn enduring, nice, able and everlasting personBoy
DonteThey are contemporary and enduring peopleBoy
DossThey are the hill top; one who lives on hillBoy
DovatocusA person who has a gentle heart and strong mindBoy
DracoDragon; one who is like a serpantBoy
DragoA dragon who is precious and mightyBoy
DuralabhAn enduring and compasionate personBoy
DuranA firm and enduring human beingBoy
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