55 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter F

FabiusA bean-growerBoy
FalcoSurname related to falconryBoy
FaustOne who is luckyBoy
FaustinusA man of fortuneBoy
FavianA very brave manBoy
FelexVariation of Felix which means Happy or FortunateBoy
FelicianoA young man who is luckyBoy
FelicioHe who is lucky in lifeBoy
FelixA man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and successBoy
FestusHe who is festive and full of joyBoy
FidelLatin - Faithful; Derived from the word FidelisBoy
FiliusA male offspring; son; heirBoy
FinisThe End; the final oneBoy
FinjaFair, pale or white (Derived from Irish name Finn)Boy
FinlayA fair and heroic warriorBoy
FioreA flower (Italian version of fiora)Boy
FiraqThe act of separatingBoy
FiskA person who makes a livelihood out of selling fishBoy
FitzhughFitz+Hugh esentially means "The son of Hugh"Boy
FitzsimonsBasically, "Fitz"+"Simons" means "the male child of Simon"Boy
FiuIt literally means "son" or "male child"Boy
FlaedeA person who prefers to stay by himselfBoy
FlavianA blond or light-haired Boy; Derived from Latin word 'flavus' meaning 'blond'Boy
FledaA fast-moving, swift and nimble-footed personBoy
FlorinoA variant of 'Florian', the name means 'to bloom or flower'Boy
FlorisA form of Latin word 'Florus', it means 'flowers' or 'blooms'Boy
FoivosSomething pure and brilliant; bright oneBoy
FonsDerived from Spanish name "Alfonso' it means someone noble and honorableBoy
FonsieDiminutive of Spanish name 'Alfonso', it means someone respectable and nobleBoy
FonsoVariant of Spanish name 'Alfonso' it means someone who is honorable and readyBoy
FortunatModified from 'Fortuna', it means 'fortunate and happy'Boy
FortunatoAn anternant of 'Fortunat', it refers to a 'happy and luck-endowed' personBoy
FortunatusA person who is favoured by Lady LuckBoy
FortuneDerived from the name 'Fortuna', it literally means 'luck' or 'fortune'Boy
FortuoIt translates to 'good luck'; Also refers to a baby born on 20th of AprilUnisex
FoscoDerived from Latin word 'fuscus' which means something 'dull' and'dark-colored'Boy
FranSomeone who is French by bloodUnisex
FrancRefers to a Frenchman; independent and nobleBoy
FranchotA Frenchman or a free individualBoy
FrancisThe masculine word for 'Frances', it means 'hailing from France' or a free personBoy
FranciscaFrom franceUnisex
FranciscoA variant of Latin name 'Franciscus' it refers to a Frenchman or a free manBoy
FranciscusIt represents The Frank or a man who has his roots in FranceBoy
FranciskusGerman form of Latin 'Franciscus' and means 'a free man'Boy
FranciszekIt refers to a Frenchman or 'the free one'Boy
FrancizekModified from 'Franciszek', it means 'the free man' or 'The Frank'Boy
FrankoDerived from Latin word 'Frank', meaning a 'Frenchman' or a free personBoy
FrankyA name referring to he who is 'free and of French origin'Boy
FransReferring to a man of French origin and who is freeBoy
FransiscoA Latin variant of 'Francis', it means a Frenchman who is freeBoy
FranyFree One; From France; A variant of name FrannyBoy
FrauncesAn obsolete form of 'France' and refers to a FrenchmanBoy
FulgencioSparkling or shining.Boy
FulvioThe one who is having red hair.Boy
FurioMarked by extreme and violent energy.Boy
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