15 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

Hadrianfascinating, A 2nd-century Roman emperor built a wall across northern Britain.Boy
HalianA variation of name JulianBoy
HannibalGrace, beauty, lovelinessBoy
Hasta Christianity, HandBoy
HendrikusLord's Manor; Home Ruler; A variant of name HendrikBoy
HenricusLatinized form of HEINRICHBoy
HerbertusBrave ArmyBoy
HerculanoOf the God Hercules.Boy
HilarioLatin - Cheerful; A variant form of the English name Hilary.Boy
HillyerFrom the Yard on a Hill; Hard WarriorBoy
HippocratesPowerful as a horseBoy
HonorLatin - Honored; HonorableBoy
HonoriusLatin - Honored; HonorableBoy
HoraceOf Latin origin, meaning "Hour in Time"; A variant of HorazBoy
HoratioA variant of Horaz; Hour in TimeBoy
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