99 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter L

LucasOne who gives lightBoy
LabrencisLatvian variant of Lawrence. It means laurel or bay.Boy
LadislasLadislas means The Good RulerBoy
LadislausThe name means The Glorius RulerBoy
LadislavLadislav means The Ruler who found GloryBoy
LadonName of a River GodBoy
LamarcusPerson of a warrior's nature a worshiper of the Mars, God of WarBoy
LarenzoA person who comes from the place of Laurel leavesBoy
LarryDistinction, Honor and Fame given for achivementsBoy
LarsA thriumphant, victorius oneBoy
LarsonSon of a victorious, triumphant manBoy
LarzThe one who is awarded with honor and fameBoy
LasseLatin - Laurel, Bay; Greek - Victory of the people; A variant of LaurenceBoy
LauranHe who wears the crown of laurelsBoy
LauranceFrom the place of the laurel leavesBoy
LaureanFrom the place of laurel treesBoy
LaureanoLatin name meaning from the place where the laurel trees growBoy
LaurencePerson from the place of the laurel treesBoy
LaurenciVictorious one, crowned with laurel treeBoy
LaurenciusHe who wears a crown of laurelsBoy
LaurencoCity of laurelsBoy
LaurensFrom the city of laurelsBoy
LaurentFrom the place with laurel treesBoy
LaurentienHe who comes from LaurentiumBoy
LaurentinPlace where laurels growBoy
LaurentinusMan from LaurentumBoy
LaurentiusHe who comes from LaurentiumBoy
LaurenzFrom the place of the laurel treesBoy
LaurianFrom the place of laurel treesBoy
LaurianoFrom the place where the laurel trees growBoy
LaurieThe one who is fierceBoy
LauritzLaurel tree, the symbols of Honor and FameBoy
LaurynHe who comes from the place of honor and gloryBoy
LavrentiA place name used to describe people who are from the ancient town LaurenthumBoy
LawrenA shoreline indentation, a bayUnisex
LawrenceHe who came from the ancient Italian LaurentumBoy
LawronWho recieved a crown of laurelBoy
LawsonSon of Lawrence, A Son of the Honored and FamousBoy
LazareFrom name Lazarus, who was restored to life by JesusBoy
LeanderLion, Lionlike manBoy
LeandroLion. Latin name describing Lionlike presonBoy
LeeHealer, the one with the power to healBoy
LefricA beloved and powerful individualBoy
LefrichHe who is powerful and pleasantBoy
LefricusAuthorative and beloved personBoy
LefsuedA pleasing person with enjoyable personalityBoy
LefsuetHe who is dear and agreeableBoy
LefuuinusFrom Old English "leof" meaning dear, belovedBoy
LeicesterMan from the Camp of the LegionBoy
LelioName created from the famous Roman familyBoy
LeoLatin word meaning lionBoy
LeocharisLion's grace.Boy
LeonName meaning LionBoy
LeonardoBold LionBoy
LeoneLatin name representing lionBoy
LeonidLatin variation of name LeonBoy
LeouuinusA person who has beaten a lionBoy
LewLatin version of the name Leon meaning lionBoy
LiberLiving life freely, name of the Roman fertility GodBoy
LibertyFreedom, independence, liberationUnisex
LibiauTo feel liberatedBoy
LibiauoA person who feelis freeBoy
LionellLatin name describing little lionBoy
LionelloItalian version of name Lional, meaning lionBoy
LirkinDecsendant of Lorcan; one who is crowned with laurelBoy
LiuedaiThe one who is replacedBoy
LiviusFrom latin word "liveo" that translates to "envy"Boy
LocutusLatin name meaning one who speaksBoy
LoranOne who comes from LaurentumBoy
LorimerLatin occuational name, harness makerBoy
LorinVariation of Laurel, meaning the one coming from a place of laurel treesBoy
LorrimerHarness makerBoy
LoukasLatin name describing lightBoy
LucianLuminous lightBoy
LuciannLatin word for lightBoy
LucianoVariation of name Lucian, meaning light, enlightenedBoy
Lucianusbeaming lightBoy
Lucienglowing, the one that gives lightBoy
LuciferLatin name for morning star, the one who brings lightBoy
Lucilailluminated. LightBoy
Luciliusdiminutive form of Lucius, illuminatonBoy
LucioThe one that brings lightBoy
Luciouslight, shining brightBoy
LucretiusThe one who is wealthyBoy
LukaOne who shines his light on othersBoy
LukasHe who illuminatesBoy
LukaszThe one who casts light on peopleBoy
LukeA bright glowing lightBoy
LukenTo shineBoy
LukianWhite light that illuminates peopleBoy
LukieTo radiate light on peopleBoy
LullusName of the Forst Archbishop of MainzBoy
LupinFrom latin word "lupinus" meanin WolfUnisex
LuxOne who is full of lightBoy
LuxeA person who shines with a bright lightBoy
LyonOne who can be compared to a lion, also a city in FranceBoy
LyonelHe is powerful and strong as a lionBoy
LyonellOne who is compared to a lionBoy
LyonisA man who is like a lionBoy
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