112 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MartinA warlike, hostile individualBoy
MateoHe was the gift of GodBoy
MatiasA gift of GodBoy
MaccusCeltic - Hammer; Latin - Great; A variant of name MagnusBoy
MagnumSomething big, large, collosalBoy
MagnusA person tho is large and collosalBoy
MagusenosA large, mighty personBoy
MajorTo be better, grater. Major is also a military rankBoy
MakalWho is God?Boy
MaksimA man who is greater than othersBoy
MaksimsThe greatestBoy
MancioA soothsayer or one who foretells the future.Boy
ManvelOne who is from a great estateBoy
Marc-antoineA gleaming and war-like manBoy
MarcaeusA man who is like the hammerBoy
MarceA war-like, gleaming personBoy
MarceauLatin - Dedicated to Mars; Hammer; Little Warrior; A variant of MarcelBoy
MarcelA person who is strong as a hammerBoy
MarcellusA youthful warriorBoy
MarcenaA martial, hostile personBoy
MarchA name of the third month in the year, named after the God MarsUnisex
MarchelA woman who has the strenght of the hammerBoy
MarcialOne who is dedicated to MarsBoy
MarcoHe who is at warBoy
MarghMargh is Cornish form of Mark and means consecrated to the god Mars.Boy
MargusA variant of Margus, meaning from Mars.Boy
MarinerOne who lives by the seaBoy
MarinoA lad of the seaBoy
MariosA person full of bitterness and miseryBoy
MarisenAn aggressive young manBoy
MariusA Roman clan nameBoy
MariuszA man who is going to warBoy
MarkA warlike manBoy
MarkeA gleaming oneBoy
MarkianOne who has big eyesBoy
MarkkoFrom MarsBoy
MarkoOne who is malny but tenderBoy
MarkuRomanian form of Marcus, meaning defense or of the sea.Boy
MarkussDedicated to Mars (the Roman god of warBoy
MarquesOne who actc like the Mars, the God of wasBoy
MarqueseA man who is like Mars the God of WarBoy
MarquessA nobleman of the hereditary rankBoy
MarquezA title name that is below duke and above earlBoy
MarrioOne who is like the God MarsBoy
MartanA person dedicated to be warlikeBoy
MartansHe is warlike and devoted to MarsBoy
MartelHammer; War like; Dedicated to MarsBoy
MarteseWar like or martialBoy
MarthinOf MarsBoy
MartialA warring, military personBoy
MartiinusOf MarsBoy
MartimA warlike individualBoy
MartinoA person who is belligerentBoy
MartinosA man who is warringBoy
MartinsA warring, battling individualBoy
MartinusOne with battling, warring personalityBoy
MartneOne who is always at warBoy
MarttiDedicated to Mars; Like Mars; War LikeBoy
MartyA fighter, soldier of MarsBoy
MartynA warrior, a soldier of God MarsBoy
MataucHe is the gift of GodBoy
MaurilioThe dark oneBoy
MauritiusLatin - Swarthy; Dark Skinned; Moor; A variant of name MauriceBoy
Mauritzhe who is MoorishBoy
MaurusLatin name describing a dark skinned manBoy
MauryA dark skinned personBoy
MavrikiA swarthy or dark peopleBoy
MaxThe greates, the best. A superlativeBoy
MaxenceTo be the greatestBoy
MaximeOne who is the greatestBoy
MaximilianOne who is best of the best, the greatest oneBoy
MaximilianoA man who is the greatestBoy
MaximilienThe greatest oneBoy
MaximilienneHe who is the greatestBoy
MaximillianHe is the greatest of them allBoy
MaximinoHe is the greatesBoy
MaximoThe greatest of menBoy
MaximosLatin - Greatest; A variant of MaximBoy
MaximumTo achieve greatnessBoy
MaximusOne who is the greates of all menBoy
MaxonHe who is the best of them allBoy
MaxsonThe son of the greatest manBoy
MaxtonModern verion of the Latin name that means the greatestBoy
MaxxHe who is the greatest manBoy
MercerThe business person engaged in retail trade. Dealer.Boy
MercuryThe person who is in social exchange, specially of opinions and attitudes.Boy
MercutioThe person whois engaged in trade business.Boy
MeriadokHead of the sea, one who is joyful and happyBoy
MerisThe person of the ocean.Unisex
MeritThe quality that renders something desirable.Unisex
MerricLatin - Swarthy, Dark Skinned, Moor; A form of MerrickBoy
MerritThe one who is possessing good qualities in high degree.Boy
MeurigLatin - Swarthy, Dark Skinned, Moor; A form of MorrisBoy
MicheasA human who resembles GodBoy
MiksaA form of Maximillian, meaning greatest.Boy
MileA proud soldierBoy
MilesOne who is proud of being a soldierBoy
MilesantA proud soldier, boastfulBoy
MilesantaA proud warrior, who takes pride in warBoy
MiljaTrying to excel or become equalUnisex
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