18 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter Q

QuadeOne who is born fourthBoy
QuantayOne who knows his worthBoy
QuantumFrom the Latin quantus meaning how muchBoy
QuennellOne who is from the little oak treeBoy
QuentinHe who is born fifthBoy
QuinceLatin name, applelike fruitBoy
QuinceyFifth, derived from Roman clan nameBoy
QuincyEstate of the fifth sonUnisex
QuintinThe fifth oneBoy
QuintinoFifth born sonBoy
QuintoSpanish name meaning fifthBoy
QuintonHe who is born fifthBoy
QuintusName given to child born in fifth monthBoy
QuirinLatin word for spearBoy
QuirinoA spearmanBoy
QuitoThe fifth oneBoy
QuivierFrench male nameBoy
QuynelHe who is fifthBoy
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