31 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

RadulphusA shield of the wolfBoy
RaemondoA mighty protectorBoy
RainaultRulers advisorBoy
RainenA joyous singerBoy
RainesA mighty armyBoy
RamoneOne who is wisely guardedBoy
RaynaldA person who wisely advices the rulerBoy
ReggisA kingly person who was born to ruleBoy
ReginaldoA ruler's trusted advisorBoy
ReginaldusA trusted advisor of the rulerBoy
RegisA ruler and a King of peopleBoy
RemusOne of the two founders of RomeBoy
RenateLatin - Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name ReneBoy
RenatoLatin - Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name ReneBoy
ReneeLatin - Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name ReneBoy
RennAn individual who was rebornUnisex
RexA mighty counselor who is also a rulerBoy
ReyLatin - King; Celtic - Ruddy; Red Haired King;Boy
RialobraniA male name of Old Latin origin, the meaning is uncertainBoy
RialobranusAn old Latin name, meaning is uncertainBoy
RicardusOne who is a powerful ruler of menBoy
RiesVirile, Manly; A nickname for a tall man; Male; ManlyBoy
RodolphusA wolf of great fameBoy
RojelioLatin - Requested; Prayed for; A derivative of the Spanish and English RogelioBoy
RomaLatin - Man from Rome; Roman;Boy
RomanosA person who is RomanBoy
RomanusHe who is from RomeBoy
RomanyHe who comes from a city of RomeBoy
RomejinLatin - Man from Rome; Roman;Boy
RomulusOne of the founders of RomeBoy
RufinA Boy of reddish, ginger hairBoy
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