64 Latin Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SantiagoSaint JamesUnisex
SebastianHe who is from SebastiaBoy
SabrielOne who is restingBoy
SaevaThe savage oneBoy
SagittariusOne who is an archerUnisex
SagragnusA male name of Latin origin. Very rareBoy
SalusA healthy personBoy
SamualThe God hears youBoy
SandulfTrue WolfBoy
SanteItalian name meaning saintBoy
SargentA military attendantBoy
SaturnName of the Roman god of agricultureBoy
SaturninoLittle SaturnBoy
SaverioA new homeBoy
SavinoOne of the SabinesBoy
ScevolaA name of Roman her of the 6th centuryBoy
ScipioA walking stickBoy
ScolaceOne who gives comfort to othersBoy
ScorpioLatin name for scorpionBoy
ScorpiusA scorpionBoy
SebastianeThe revered oneBoy
SebastianneItalian name meaning reveredBoy
SebastianoSpanish name meaning reveredBoy
SebastienFrench variation of the name Sebastian meaning reveredBoy
SebastionOne who is from SebastiaBoy
SedLatin name meaning treeBoy
SegundoOne who is born secondBoy
SeinHe who is innocentBoy
SelwynnA friend of the houseBoy
SenecaAn old manBoy
SeniclaOne which means old or a place for rocksBoy
SensHe who is saint-likeBoy
SeptimusThe seventh sonBoy
SerafinoThe fiery oneBoy
SerenadeOne who sings songs of loveBoy
SerenoHe who is calmBoy
SergeFrom Roman patrician family name SergiusBoy
SergeiA roman clan nameBoy
SergeyRussian saint nameBoy
SergioAn attendant, a servantUnisex
SergiusOne who servesBoy
ServanusThe one who serves othersBoy
SevastyanVariation of Sebastian, meaning a man from ancient city SebastaBoy
SeverinA severe, harsh personBoy
SeverinoHe who is rigidBoy
SeverinusA relentless manBoy
SeverneOne who is strictBoy
SeveroThe severe oneBoy
SeverusSurname, means sternBoy
ShaylaA gift from GodUnisex
SheilaOne who is blind, pantron saint of musicUnisex
SidoniusOne who comes from an ancient city of SidonBoy
SilasOf the forestBoy
SilvanusOne who loves the forestBoy
SilviaWooded, forestUnisex
SinOne like bushBoy
SinaA blessed childBoy
SiriusOne who is burning. A name of the Dog StarBoy
SixtusOne who was born as a sixth childBoy
SpartakGeorgian form of Spartacus, which means 'from the city of Sparta'Boy
StellaStar of the seaUnisex
SylvanWood or ForestBoy
SylvesterMan from the forestUnisex
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