1444 Latin Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AureliaA lovely being who has golden hair; SaintGirl
AurelieLatin - Golden Haired; Soft Breeze; Golden; A variant of AureliaGirl
AurielleThe one who loves adventure, travel and are goldenGirl
AuristelaThe one who is the bright golden starGirl
AuroraA Roman Goddess; wonderful dawn and breezyGirl
AuroreGolden; they are Godess of dawn; livelyGirl
AurumOne who has deep inner truth; glowing dawnUnisex
AustinaLatin- August; Dignified; Holy; Worthy of Respect; Great; Magnificent; A form of name AugustaGirl
AustineLatin- August; Dignified; Holy; Worthy of Respect; Great; Magnificent; A form of name AugustaGirl
AustraliaA place of blooming waterlilies; wonderfulGirl
AutumnName of a season; the fourth season of the yearGirl
AvangelineOne who shares the good newsGirl
AveenVariation of Ava or Eve which means Life, or it is related to birdsGirl
AvenaOatmeal; the one who grows grainsGirl
AvgoustaA great personality; social and emotionalGirl
AvinnaOne who came from the Oat fieldsGirl
AvitoriThey are beautiful; victoryGirl
AvliannaA gracious person who is fantasticGirl
AzaleaThe dry earth; who makes good impressionsGirl
AzaleiName of a flower; dryGirl
AzaliaOne is dry and spared by GodGirl
BalbinaDerived from balbus meaning stammering or stuttering. Martyr and daughter of Quirinus the martyr.girl
BaraLatin - Foreign Woman; To Choose; A variant of BarbaraGirl
BarbStranger, foreigner,Girl
BarbaraStranger, visitor, alien,Girl
BarbaryLatin - Foreign Woman; To Choose; A variant of BarbaraGirl
BarbotA foreigh womanGirl
BeataOne Who Brings JoyGirl
BeateOne Who Brings JoyGirl
BeatenA form of Beatrix, meaning she who makes happy.Girl
Beatriciepurveyor of joyGirl
Beatricisshe who brings pleasureGirl
BeatrijsDutch form of BeatriceGirl
BeatritzAn Occitan variant of "Beatrice"Girl
BeatriuTraveler through lifeGirl
BeautriceShe who brings happinessGirl
BebbeShort form of Beatruce, one who brings joy and happinessGirl
BeiBringer of joyGirl
BeitrisGaelic form of Beatrice; a happy and blessed individualGirl
BellaBeautiful, handsome, attractiveGirl
BellatrixBellatrix is WarlikeGirl
BelleroseBellerose is a neighborhood in Queens, New York.Girl
BelleusThe beautiful onesGirl
Bellian act or event that provokes or is used to justify war" (literally, "a case for war")Girl
BellinaBellina is derived from the Latin bellus and means "beautiful, lovely, gracious."Girl
BellonaGoddess Of WarGirl
BelvaBeautiful ViewGirl
BenitaGood PersonGirl
BennaLatin - Blessed; Variant of name BenedictaGirl
BennettLittle Blessed OneGirl
BiannaMost likely a variant of Bibiana, which is an early variant of Viviana.Girl
BibianaLively, dynamicGirl
BlendaDazzling BrightGirl
BrazilA conflict or disagreement on certain issuesUnisex
CaeraCaera is a variant form of Cara and means beloved or friend.Girl
CaesareaA woman leaderGirl
CaiaA rejoicing womanGirl
CaietaLatin name meaning the nursed AeneasGirl
CaigeA wise and wealthi womanGirl
CaledoniaA woman from ScottishGirl
CalpurniaA woman of big powerGirl
CandOne who dazzles like bright and glowing lightGirl
CanelaShe is like a cinnamonGirl
CannaShe is a reedGirl
CapellaA little feminine goatGirl
CarmanA singing womanGirl
CatharinusA pure oneGirl
CayetanaPerson from GaetaGirl
CeceA blind womanGirl
CeceiliaA woman without a sight, a blind womanGirl
CeceliaShe who was born with no sightGirl
CecelyA blind girlGirl
CecelyaA girl with a dim-sightGirl
CeciliA little blind oneGirl
CeciliaA woman who was born blindGirl
CecilieShe who is blindGirl
CecilijaA blind oneGirl
CecilleShe has no sightGirl
CecilliaShe is with no sightGirl
CecilloA blind little oneGirl
CecilyA woman who is dim-sightedGirl
CecyA dim-sighted girlGirl
CecyliaShe is dim-sightedGirl
CeeIt means blind; they are the sixth oneGirl
CeilIt means blind; they are the sixth oneGirl
CeleneGoddess of the MoonGirl
CeleniaA variation of name Selina; She is the goddess of the MoonGirl
CelestA heavenly body usually used as last nameUnisex
CelestiaThe one born in heaven like an AngelGirl
CelestriaThe one born in heavenGirl
CeliaThe one from the heavenGirl
CelinaDerived from Caelum; heavenlyGirl
CelindaVariation of Selina; Goddess of the MoonGirl
CelineA hammer; they are heavenlyGirl
CelisseA celestial bodyGirl
CellinaA heavenly bodyGirl
CelyseA heavenly, dim- lighted personGirl
CenturyThe one hundredGirl
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