1444 Latin Baby Girl Names With Meanings

CeraA fiery personGirl
CerellaSprigtime; the LordGirl
CerenaThe one having a serene personalityGirl
CerinaThe one having a serene personalityGirl
CerisCharity; the beloved oneGirl
CesalieA blind one; a talented musicianGirl
ChaliceA cup or a gobletGirl
ChallitaThe most beautiful of allUnisex
CharitiniFollower of ChristGirl
CharmaineA beautiful songGirl
CharmeBeautiful orchardGirl
ChassidyThe one who is pureGirl
ChastinThe one who has pure characterGirl
ChastityOne filled with purityGirl
CherrieSweet Cheery treeGirl
ChrissieFollower of lord Jesus Christ, the son of GodGirl
ChristelleChristianityity follower and preacherGirl
ChristenOne who follows Christ and ChristianityityGirl
ChristenaJesus christ follower and preacherGirl
ChristeneChrist follower and Christianity by religionGirl
ChristianityneOne who follows and has faith in ChristianityityGirl
ChristinaFeminine form of ChristianityGirl
ChristynaFollower of Jesus, the saviourGirl
ChritianeA Christianity, a follower of ChristGirl
ChrystelIce; a transparent solid form of waterGirl
ChrystenA Christianity woman; a woman who is a follower of ChristianityityGirl
ChrystianA female Christ followerGirl
ChrystinaFollower of Christ and ChristianityityGirl
ChrystleFollower and believer of Jesus ChristGirl
ChrystynaJesus Christ follower and Christianityity preacherGirl
CicelyA herbaceous plant native to central Europe; derived from CaeciliusGirl
CiciliaBlind; one whose eyes a dysfunctional and disables them from seeing thingsGirl
CiliaBlind; one who does not have the ability to seeGirl
CiliniaDerived from an ancient name meaning "heaven"; is also the name of a 5th century saintGirl
CindaSomething that is originated from the mountain "Kynthos"Girl
CindalBright; attractive; shinyGirl
CindellA Greek variation of the name Cindy, or CynthiaGirl
CinxiaOne who is considered as the goddess of marriageGirl
CirceA witch; siren; magicianGirl
CissiA variant for the name Caecelia, who was the saint for musicGirl
CissieOne who is blind; one who cannot seeGirl
ClaireAppealing to everyone; bright and clearGirl
ClaireeceLatin name for bright,clear and attractiveGirl
ClaireseOne who is famous, popular and known by majority of peopleGirl
ClaireyOne who is bright, clear and famousGirl
ClaraOne who is distinguished, clear and brightGirl
ClarabellaAppealing, distinguished, bright and clearGirl
ClarabelleDazzling; bright; brilliant; clear; famousGirl
ClarahLatin term for clear, bright and dazzlingGirl
ClarenciaSomething that is clear, dazzling, bright and famousGirl
ClaressaA novel, that is also known as "the History of a Young LadyGirl
ClarinaA thing that is bright and clearGirl
ClarindaSomething that has a very nice clarity, and is brightGirl
ClarineClearness; having no obstructionGirl
ClarisOne who is very famous and is known by everyoneGirl
ClarisseGentle, shining and has fame followed by attentionGirl
ClaritaClear or transparent; easily understoodGirl
ClarizzaOne who is bright, filled with good virtues, and is known by allGirl
ClarrieOne who lives beside the river Clare, the longest river in the Lough CorribUnisex
ClarrisaDerived from Clarice, meaning bright, clear, dazzling and famousGirl
ClaryBrightness and clearness; attractiveGirl
ClayreOne who is not only bright, but also famous and known by allUnisex
ClemenciaMild and gentle; merciful; good natured and soft heartedGirl
ClementineMild; merciful; forgiving; tenderGirl
ClemmyGentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasantUnisex
ClochetteBeautiful; something that looks good and catches the eye of peopleGirl
ClymeneIn Greek, it means Mother of Atlanta, and the Latin meaning is AmazonGirl
ColmaA dove; a stout bird that resembles a pigeon, and is used as a symbol of peaceUnisex
ColumbineDove; the bird used as a symbol for peace; a small white bird resembling a pigeonGirl
ConniConstant; never changing; persistent; abidingGirl
ConstanceSteadfast and firm of purpose; dependable and dedicatedGirl
ConsuelaConsolation; the act of comforting someone at the time of distressGirl
CoralineFrom the beautiful, pink coloured marine plants named coralsGirl
CordeliaOne who is considered as the daughter of the sea in mythologiesGirl
CordellaThe heart; the part of the body that has the function of pumping of blood throghout the bodyGirl
CordetteA small, little, tiny heartGirl
CordiaA tiny heart, one who has a tiny heartGirl
CorineA young, good looking woman; a MaidenGirl
CorlaLiving in the seas and oceansGirl
CorneliaA person who is firm, wise and strongwilledGirl
CornieA bony growth on animals; hornsGirl
CoronaCrown; Name of a second century Saint and MartyrGirl
CortanaA sword; a weapon used at the time of warGirl
CorvinaA person who has dark hair, like the raven'sGirl
CrestinaChristianity womanGirl
CrewOf the chariot; It is a variant of the name "Carew"; It comes from when a family lives as dwellers at a cattlepen in the UK.Unisex
CrisannBright; Shining; ClearGirl
CrispinaFeminine of "Crispin"; FrizzyhairedGirl
CristanFollower of Jesus ChristGirl
CristenInvariant form of the Latin name "Christianityus"; Disciple of ChristUnisex
CristiDiminutive of the Latin name "Christina"; Follower of ChristGirl
CristyA variant form of "Christine" meaning 'anointed'; Follower of ChristGirl
CrystinaFollows jesusGirl
CustanceMother of Arthur; togetherGirl
DahleaOne living in the valleyGirl
DahliaDwells in the valleyGirl
DaianaA goddessGirl
DalmatiaA womanGirl
DamariGentle and kindGirl
DarianaRoyal nameGirl
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