35 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B

BalbinaDerived from balbus meaning stammering or stuttering. Martyr and daughter of Quirinus the martyr.girl
BaraLatin - Foreign Woman; To Choose; A variant of BarbaraGirl
BarbStranger, foreigner,Girl
BarbaraStranger, visitor, alien,Girl
BarbaryLatin - Foreign Woman; To Choose; A variant of BarbaraGirl
BarbotA foreigh womanGirl
BeataOne Who Brings JoyGirl
BeateOne Who Brings JoyGirl
BeatenA form of Beatrix, meaning she who makes happy.Girl
Beatriciepurveyor of joyGirl
Beatricisshe who brings pleasureGirl
BeatrijsDutch form of BeatriceGirl
BeatritzAn Occitan variant of "Beatrice"Girl
BeatriuTraveler through lifeGirl
BeautriceShe who brings happinessGirl
BebbeShort form of Beatruce, one who brings joy and happinessGirl
BeiBringer of joyGirl
BeitrisGaelic form of Beatrice; a happy and blessed individualGirl
BellaBeautiful, handsome, attractiveGirl
BellatrixBellatrix is WarlikeGirl
BelleroseBellerose is a neighborhood in Queens, New York.Girl
BelleusThe beautiful onesGirl
Bellian act or event that provokes or is used to justify war" (literally, "a case for war")Girl
BellinaBellina is derived from the Latin bellus and means "beautiful, lovely, gracious."Girl
BellonaGoddess Of WarGirl
BelvaBeautiful ViewGirl
BenitaGood PersonGirl
BennaLatin - Blessed; Variant of name BenedictaGirl
BennettLittle Blessed OneGirl
BiannaMost likely a variant of Bibiana, which is an early variant of Viviana.Girl
BibianaLively, dynamicGirl
BlendaDazzling BrightGirl
BrazilA conflict or disagreement on certain issuesUnisex
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