44 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter D

DahleaOne living in the valleyGirl
DahliaDwells in the valleyGirl
DaianaA goddessGirl
DalmatiaA womanGirl
DamariGentle and kindGirl
DarianaRoyal nameGirl
DarikPersian royal nameGirl
DaryaOne who is goodGirl
DavidaAdopted from Hebrew; beloved personGirl
DeaA Goddess; one who rulesGirl
DeannA church leader who resides in a valleyGirl
DeannaGirl who resides in a valleyGirl
DecimaTenth in number; a talented individualGirl
DelfinaName of a Saint; one from DelphiGirl
DelfineA beautiful and active DolphinGirl
DeliahOne of Delos; respectableGirl
DeliciaDelightful one; person who gives pleasureGirl
DeloresVirgin Mary; one who is filled with painGirl
DelphiaOne who can predict future; wombGirl
DelphiniumOpen to emotions; woman from DelphiGirl
DelysiaA delightful individualGirl
DelyssaGoverned by tradition; delightGirl
DeonisiaAn innocent and charming beingGirl
DeonysiaA daring, strong and a doerGirl
DianeyGoddess of Moon and huntingGirl
DiaraA gift; they are quiet and a commanderUnisex
DiellaOne who loves to worship GodGirl
DinitiaThey follow Dionysius; a friendly characterGirl
DoiminicBelonging to God ,LordlyUnisex
DomaOne who belongs to the LordGirl
DomicelaLittle Tamed One; belongs to EarthGirl
DominicaOne who is very close to LordGirl
DominikaOne who belongs to the Lord and is a masterGirl
DominoIt means master of allUnisex
DomoniqueA Lord; they have a very clever mind and active bodyUnisex
DonaLady; one who is very respectableGirl
DonicaIts latin meaning means to 'Give'Girl
DonnicaMorning Star; one who is determined and reasonableGirl
DorothyOne who has a vision and is freedom lovingGirl
DorthyA gracious person who is a gift of GodGirl
DulciaOne who is filled with sweetnessGirl
DulcianaA freedom loving being; sweetGirl
DyanneA divine individual; culturedGirl
DynastieOne who is a powerful rulerGirl
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