82 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
EbonieIt means Black Wood and also Beautiful person.Girl
EdusaGoddess of childrenGirl
EemeliOne who is filled with rivalryGirl
EgidiaGoat skin; also means a cute kidGirl
ElariaA glorified individualGirl
ElectaA selected and unique personGirl
EliannaThey are the daughters of the SunGirl
ElidiaA little winged. strong and majestic personGirl
ElitiaOne who is chosen by the GodGirl
ElliaunaOne who is born out of SunGirl
Elvahthis name means elf power or magical power.Girl
Elverathis name means white or truth.Girl
Elvirathis name means white.Girl
Elwisiathis name means healthy and sound.Girl
Elyenorathis name means light.Girl
Elysethis name means someone who is pledged to god.Girl
Elysiathis name means blissful.Girl
Emaleethe meaning of this name is industrious or striving.Girl
Emaleithis name means one who is industrious or hard working.Girl
Emalliethis name means rival or hard working.Girl
Emalynthis name means peaceful home or little rival.Girl
Emelithis name means someone who is laborious or eager or a rival in battle.Girl
Emeliaa striving or industrious person is described using this name.Girl
Emelinea peaceful home or an industrious person.Girl
Emelotthis means a castle belonging to Arthur.Girl
Emelotethis name is often used for describing a castle which belonged to King Arthur.Girl
EmelothKing Arthur's castle during the medieval ages was described by using this name.Girl
Emelythis name has the meaning of a leader who emulates success.Girl
Emelyethe meaning of this name is someone who is industrious and a leader.Girl
Emelynthis name means hard labour.Girl
Emerait means merit or a worthy person who has merit.Girl
Emileeit means someone who is striving and industrious and excellent.Girl
Emilithis name has a meaning laborious or eager.Girl
Emiliesomeone who is extremely laborious, hard working and striving.Girl
Emilijaa rival or emulating.Girl
Emiljato match or surpass a person or a rival by imitation mostly.Girl
Emirasomeone who is worhty or merit or a princess.Girl
Emirione who tries to excel or a royal person.Girl
Emmaleea tremendously indutrious or hardworking person.Girl
Emmaleighrival or laborious or eager.Girl
Emmalieeager to do hard work.Girl
Emmalinasomething that is all contaning or universal.Girl
Emmalytrying to excel in an universal way and a path that is whole.Girl
Emmlyone who strives hard for success.Girl
Emmylouthis name is a combination of two names - emmy and lou; which means a famous warrior.Girl
Enelisegraced by god or bountiful.Girl
Engelisaa messenger.Girl
Engelisesomeone who transfers messages; a messenger.Girl
Eolandeviolet flower.Girl
Eponasomeone who protects horses.Girl
Eponineprotectress of horses and stallions.Girl
Eppieauspicious speech or good repute.Girl
Ericaforever strong or ever queenly.Girl
ErichaHeather; also a feminized form of the name Eric.Girl
EristaLatin word for harvest.Girl
Eristythe best or harvest.Girl
Erminaa Latin word for noble.Girl
Ermineweasel or Armenian mouse.Girl
Erminidea Latin word meaning entire universe.Girl
Ernestynaa Teutonic feminized word meaning determined, serious and earnest.Girl
Errolyna feminized word meaning someone who commands an army.Girl
Erryla feminized word which has the meaning of an army commander.Girl
Esireesome one who is desired.Girl
Essiea Latin word meaning star.Girl
Eunisiaa Latin word meaning good victory.Girl
Evalietrying to equalize or rival.Girl
Evangeliquea Latin word for good news or gospel.Girl
Evanoraa gift of god.Girl
Eveleenlife or living or lively or hazelnut.Girl
Eveliena Latin word which has the meaning life.Girl
Eveliinaa word which means to live or having life.Girl
Evelina feminized word which signifies life or to live.Girl
Evelinathe action of breathing or living life.Girl
Evelineto breathe or to live.Girl
Evelyna Hebrew name which means to breathe or live or life.Girl
Evelynea name which means to live.Girl
Evelynnthis name means to peacefully live and have a life.Girl
Evelynnethis is a spelling variation of a famous name which means to live or life.Girl
Everilla feminized form of a 7th century saint's name.Girl
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