35 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter G

GaetanaThe person who originally comes from Gaeta, Italy.Girl
GannaFavor, a woman who is full of grace.Girl
GarianaLatin - Charm, Grace; A derivative of name GraceGirl
GavinaThe attacker who is white in complexion.Girl
GazelleWho is gentle and merciful.Girl
GeminiMeans two babies who were born together, two babies in single birth, twins.Unisex
GemmaJewel; Precious Stone; GemGirl
GeneraRefers to common, overall or universal.Girl
GenesiaNew born or newcomer to the family or society.Girl
GeorgiaFeminine form of georgeGirl
GeorgineA planter who works in a farm.Girl
GilianaThe female name Giliana is of Latin origins and means Graceful, Belssing.Girl
GilianeGiliane is a female name and means Graceful, Blessing. It is a variation of the name Giliana and has Latin and French origins.Girl
GillianGillian is a female name of Latin origins. It means Blessing.Girl
GillieThe meaning of Gillie is Bright Sky. Gillie is a female name of Latin and Germanic origin.Girl
GinnaGinna is a variation of Vigrinia and means Virgin.Girl
GinneeThe name Ginnee means Virgin.Girl
GinnieGinnie is usualy a short form of Viginia and means Virgin.Girl
GinnyGinny means Virgin, Virginal.Girl
GiustinaThe name Giustina means Just, FairGirl
GladiolaGladiola means Sword.Girl
GladyceThe name Gladyce means Sword.Girl
GladysGladys comes from a Latin word and means SwordGirl
GloraThe name Glora is a Latin name and means Glory.Girl
GloriaGloria means Glory in LatinGirl
GlorianaGlorious Grace; Glory; Derived from the Latin word GloriaGirl
GlorianeGloriane means Glorious Grace.Girl
GloriannaThe meaning of the name Glorianna comes from Latin and means GloryGirl
GlorielleGlorielle means She, who is Gloriuous.Girl
GrasiaIn latin grase means beautiful and blessings.Girl
GratiaGrace; Favor; Blessing; Mercy; Eloquence or beauty of form, kindness; which is derived from the Latin gratia (favor, thanks)Girl
GreerThey are very warm and friendly.They have spiritual natuer and peaceful mindGirl
GriseldaIn german, Griselda means the gray battle or Christianity battle, In latin it means Gray haired or in easy word an intelligent person.Girl
GriselleGrey Haired, The one with wisdom and intelligence. The one who has hidden qualities of knowledge, research and wisdom. Owing a research and analytical mind.Girl
GrisillThe one with clever mind, quick witted, excited, adventorous and inttelligent.Girl
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