214 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

Luciawhite, bright lightGirl
LucianaLight, illuminationGirl
LaaraLaara means Famous WomanGirl
LaetitiaComes from the late Latin name nad means Joy and HappinessGirl
LagiuaThe name means near the LakeGirl
LaliaWell-spoken and articulate individual who is god with wordsGirl
LaodamiaDaughter of Bellerophon and Wife of Protesialus in Greek and Roman MythologyGirl
LaraA famous person who is notable to manyGirl
LaraeA clear and bright person whi is influentalGirl
LarahA woman who is recognized and splendindGirl
LareeA person with a memorable presenceGirl
LareenThe one who symbolises honor and victory, like a Lurel treeGirl
LarenA person who comes from the place of Laurel treesGirl
LarettaName that comes from a Laurel tree which symbolises Honor and VictoryGirl
LariaLaurel, prestige and Honor, a person who is famousGirl
LariahA person of great Honor and ImportanceGirl
LarinaThose who protect their homes. A name derived grom Roman gods who were the protectors of homes and fields.Girl
LaritaA feeling of safety and protectionGirl
LaryaShe who is crowned with Honor and FameGirl
LaryssaA cheerful, joyous one who spreads happinessGirl
LascaA fatigued, waery personGirl
LatonaNamed for Latinum, Goddess nameGirl
LatoniaGoddess name, mother of ApolloGirl
Laurannefrom Laurentum, town nameGirl
LaureShe who is from the bayGirl
LaureatThe one who comes from town LaurentusGirl
LaureenSweet bay tree; From the bayGirl
LaurellLaurel treeGirl
Laurellebay tree; crowned with laurel branchesGirl
LaurenaSweet bay tree; Symbol of victoryGirl
LaurenciaGirl crowned with laurelsGirl
LaurendaLaurel; BayGirl
LaureneFrench version of Laurel, Laurel treeGirl
LaurennePerson from Laurentum, a town in LatinumGirl
LaurentiaFrom the place of honor and victoryGirl
LaurentineLaurel plantGirl
LauretShe who is pureGirl
LaurettaSweet bay treeGirl
LauretteLaurel tree, symbol of honor and victoryGirl
LauriLaurel treeGirl
LaurianaLaurel; BayGirl
LaurianeGirl from the bayGirl
LaurianneLaurel leavesGirl
LaurierThe crown of glory which will never fade awayGirl
LaurinLaurel tree or sweet bay treeGirl
LaurindaThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.Girl
LaurineDiminutive of LauraGirl
LaurissaVariation of the name Laurel, laurel treeGirl
LaurynnA laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fameGirl
LavedaA wise and purified personGirl
LavelleA person of clensed and purified soulGirl
LaveniaA Roman Woman, name that was popular in Ancient RomeGirl
LaveraA truthful individualGirl
LavergneA name that is given to those born in the springGirl
LavetaCleansed and Clean womanGirl
LavinaA Woman of ancient RomeGirl
LavinahA Woman who lived in the city RomeGirl
LaviniaPlace name of the ancient City of LaviniumGirl
LawrenA shoreline indentation, a bayUnisex
LawrenciaShe who is crowned with laurelGirl
LeaundraLionlike womanGirl
LeceCheerful personGirl
LeciaJoyful personGirl
LefledaA beutiful individual who is loved by othersGirl
LefquenCherised and beloved personGirl
LefquenaBeautiful, powerful and beloved individualGirl
LefqueneDarling and beaufitul personGirl
LefquennPleasing and dear womanGirl
LefqwenA woman of beauty, power and loved by allGirl
LenetMild, waek personGirl
LenitaDelicate, mellow, mild personGirl
LennisA mild or a silky girlGirl
LeonaBrave LionessGirl
LeoniaLatin name for lionessGirl
LeonineA woman that is Lion-like, also a Shakespearean nameGirl
LeontinaA woman who is brave and strong as a LionessGirl
LeontineOne who is as strong as a LionessGirl
LeontiosA fearless, powerfull individual who is like a LionGirl
LeontyneWoman who respemles a LionessGirl
LeorisWhoman whose bravery mathes a Lion'sGirl
LerushaA wealthy, strong vigorous individualGirl
LeticeA joyous, happy and merry personGirl
LetitiaAn upbeat and joyous personaGirl
LetizFrom the name Letizia, means a happiness and joyGirl
LetiziaOne who brings happiness and joy to othersGirl
LettaA feeling of great happiness and satisfactionGirl
LetteA feeling of great pleasure and joyGirl
LettiA cheerful, charming and delightful GirlGirl
LetticeA wonderful, delightful and joyful personaGirl
LettieA person full of joy and delightGirl
LettyOne who is glee and blissfulGirl
LeuildA lily, symbol of innocence and purityGirl
LeuildaOne who is like lilly, pure or innocentGirl
LevanaTo raise up; Roman mythological goddessGirl
LevaneTo riseGirl
LevetaThe one who is clean and cleansedGirl
LianaTo be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answeredGirl
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