59 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NadylieThe Christmas dayGirl
NaeniaDivinity of memorials, theology of burials.Girl
NaiaIn Latin it means A Nymph. In Russian it refers to the hopeGirl
NardaUnlimited grace, recompense of worthy acts, remuneration.Girl
NardiaThe one who has a sense of propriety and consideration for others.Girl
NarineA dark person, blackGirl
NataleighThe one who was born on the 25th day of December.Girl
NataleneWho was born on the 25th of last month of the year.Girl
NataliSame born on Christ's birthday.Girl
NataliaNewcomer to this world on Christ's born day.Girl
NatalinaCame to existence on Christmas dayGirl
NatalineCame to this world on Christmas day.Girl
NataliyaA woman who is blessed by God.Girl
NataljaEntered to this world on Christmas day.Girl
NatalkaCame to this world on Christ's birthday.Girl
NatalynBorn on Christmas bells time.Girl
NatasaWho celebrates the birthday on Christmas day.Girl
NataschaSame birthday on Christmas day.Girl
NatasjaEntrance day of this world.Girl
NatelieCame to this world on Christmas period.Girl
NathaliaSame birthday as Christ.Girl
NatiBorn on Christmas day.Girl
NatiaOne who born on the day of ChristmasGirl
NauticaThe one who came from the ocean.Girl
NeciThe one who resembles as consuming fire.Girl
NeciaSizzling, adoring, burning, fanaticalGirl
NelBeing neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series.Girl
NelaEnjoying or marked by joy or pleasureGirl
NeleLaying eggs in the sandGirl
NeliaHaving or wielding force or authorityGirl
NellaGorgeous or pretty or stunning.Girl
NetyVariation of Antonia which means Pricesless oneUnisex
NicholaaThe person who always protect the people.Girl
NilaWho is like YawehGirl
NirvairYouth and freshGirl
NirvanA recent beginnerGirl
Nirvanathe fresh or new YouthGirl
NirvashBeginner or Fresher.Girl
NirviNew comer to the family.Girl
NisangDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
NiveaSnow-white or the fresh snowGirl
NohelyChrist birthday.Girl
NoletaLoath , unwilling, hesitant.Girl
NoliciaA strong resemblance wit olive treeGirl
NonaThere is none like the great God.Girl
NoniHungarian form of Michael, the angel of GodGirl
NonieEarnest and tribute.Girl
NonnieWho is like the creator of the worldUnisex
NorinaThe shining and sparkling one, worthy and upright.Girl
NorineThe one who is upright and righteous.Girl
NorleneSpirit is my nimble, compassion, misfortune.Girl
NovaYouth and freshGirl
NovalieA recent beginnerGirl
Novarathe fresh or new YouthGirl
NovellaBeginner or Fresher.Girl
NoviaNew comer to the family.Girl
NoxDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
NydiaAn alert person, a watchful specially for danger or disorder.Girl
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