52 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter O

OcieChaste or a virtuous girl.Unisex
OctavianaArabic word to a virtuous or a modest man.Girl
OctoberA King or a ruler who assists or helps the humanity.Girl
OleanderThe person who resembles the color of Blue.Girl
OletaThe affection of humility, fondness of humbleness.Girl
OletteHumble spotlight, uncertain spot.Girl
OlindaThe one who is possessing sweet smell.Girl
OliveThe one who resembles the olive tree.Girl
OlivetteThe one who admires olive tree.Girl
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
OliviahThe one who looks like olive tree.Girl
OlivianaThe one who always cares for olive tree.Girl
OlivienneA care-taker of olive treeGirl
OlivineThe one who reminds the olive tree.Girl
OllaLooks a lot like olive tree.Girl
OlmaRaising someone, nourishingGirl
OlmoWho lived by the tree of elmUnisex
OlympeThe female name of Olympus.Girl
OlyveSimilar to the olive tree.Girl
OlyviaThe evergreen olive tree.Girl
OnariDignity, respect, integrityGirl
OndinaVery tiny waves in the large ocean.Girl
OndineResembling the small waves in the big sea.Girl
OrabelRequest or appeal or petition or desireGirl
OrabellaThe one who stays earnestly in prayers.Girl
OrabelleThe one who always uphold everything in prayers.Girl
OrabiliaSubmerged in prayersGirl
OrabilisThe who always lift everything in prayers.Girl
OrablaAlways in prayersGirl
OrableBelieve in the powers of prayersGirl
OraziaThe one who is watching the time period.Girl
OrchidThe floret which gives a sweet fragrance.Girl
OreliaExpensive and glittering as gold.Girl
OrellaMessages from the heavens.Girl
OrialThe person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority.Girl
OrianaThe valuable and the precious one.Girl
OrianeThe soft and mild sound of the water.Girl
OriannaAbounding with fog or mist.Girl
OrianneThe one who sleeps well.Girl
OrielThe person who tolerates and forgiving others.Girl
OriellaFull of life and energy.Girl
OrienFine looking and delightful person.Unisex
OrioleThe one who supervises over.Unisex
OrlenaThe person who is blameless, innocent and trouble free.Girl
OrmandaNinth in the family.Girl
OrnelaBlack ash treeGirl
OrsaThe woman bear of feminine bear.Girl
OsannaPraise be to God or Praise to the most high God.Girl
OursoulaOne who is powerful and strong as a BearGirl
OvaAnother name for an EggGirl
OviaA quiet and simple being; has deep inner desireGirl
OvidiuAn individual who is like a saintGirl
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