30 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter R

RadaRose or joyGirl
RaenA queenGirl
RaenaA Latin name meaning queenGirl
RainieA queen who gives adviceGirl
RaizelA rose flowerGirl
RamonitaShe who is in grat protectionGirl
RandieShe who is adorableGirl
RasiaQueen; Royalty; From the Royal Family; Regal; Latin - Rose;Girl
RayganLatin - Queen; Descendant of Riagan; A variant of ReganGirl
RegineA Queen of all menGirl
ReginiOne who is the QueenGirl
RenataLatin - Born Again; Rebirth; Born Anew; A variant of ReneeGirl
RenetaA dignified young womanGirl
RennAn individual who was rebornUnisex
ResaLatin - Laughter; Old Greek - Hunter; Harvester; Guardian; Women from Therasia; A derivative of the name TheresaGirl
RettaGermanic - House Owner; Lord of the manor; Latin - Lover; Beloved; A variant of RhettaGirl
RhosynLatin - Rose;Girl
RiesaA woman with beautiful laughterGirl
RomolaA maiden from RomeGirl
RosaliLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosaliaLaitn - Rose; Germanic - Horse Shield of lime wood; pretty roseGirl
RosalieLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalindLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalynLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RoseanneLatin - Rose; Graceful Rose; A combination name of Rose and Anne; A variant spelling of the English name RosanneGirl
RossaBeautiful Flower; A variant of RoseGirl
RozaliVariation of Rosalind which means A Pretty RoseGirl
RubiaA colour of the rubyGirl
RulaOne who is a model, an exampleGirl
RuzenaA variation of Latin name RoseGirl
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