65 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SantiagoSaint JamesUnisex
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
SabeenA cool morning breezeGirl
SabiaA catlike womanGirl
SabienOne from a triba SabineGirl
SabinA SabineGirl
SabinaA Latin girl nameGirl
SabineOne who belongs to a Roman tribe personGirl
SabinoA Sabine person; sober and intellectualGirl
SabriaOne from CyprusGirl
SabrinaLatin name for the River SevernGirl
SabrineA legendary princessGirl
SagittariusOne who is an archerUnisex
SalindeA heavenly skyGirl
SalustianaA woman of good healthGirl
SalustiannaA healthy womanGirl
SalvaA wise young girlGirl
SantesaA saint oneGirl
SavinaA sabineGirl
SavineA sabineGirl
ScienciaA sacred womanGirl
ScolaciaShe who brings solaseGirl
SeciaA giftGirl
SeinaThe innocente oneGirl
SelenaMoon goddessGirl
SelineHeavenly MoonGirl
SelvaWoman who lives in the woodsGirl
SenaldaA sing from GodGirl
SephareA precious genGirl
SerafinaFrom seraphim meaning fiery onesGirl
SeraphinaFrom seraphim, meaning fairy onesGirl
SereanaShe who is calmGirl
SereenOne who is sereneGirl
SereiaA tranquil oneGirl
SerenaSerene and tranquil oneGirl
SereneA calm, serene personGirl
SereniahThe clear or tranquil or sereneGirl
SerenusShe who is calm and composedGirl
SerethaOne who is calm and peacefulGirl
SergioAn attendant, a servantUnisex
SerindaA beautiful clear or tranquil girlGirl
ServauseA servant girlGirl
SesenSowing timeGirl
SessileeA roman clan nameGirl
SeverinaA serious womanGirl
ShaylaA gift from GodUnisex
SheilaOne who is blind, pantron saint of musicUnisex
ShereseLatin name meaning charityGirl
SidoniaA woman who comes from the acient city of SidonGirl
SidonieOne who is like a flower of Saint DenysGirl
SilviaWooded, forestUnisex
SilvieVariation of Sylvia which means From the forestGirl
SindonyOne who is from SidonGirl
SiraShe who comes from SyriaGirl
SpiritWord or Virtue nameGirl
StellaStar of the seaUnisex
StellalunaStar and moonGirl
SylkeSylke is a form of Cecilia and means blind.Girl
SylvesterMan from the forestUnisex
SylvetteSylvette is a version of Sylvia, meaning wood or tree.Girl
SylvianeWood or forestGirl
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