94 Latin Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TaceDerivative of the english name tacita means silenceGirl
TacieWoman from the sabine tribeGirl
TacitaFeminine variation of tacitus means quietGirl
TacyFeminine form of greek anastasios means of the resurrectionGirl
TaheshaPleasure someone feelsGirl
TamariskA woman who is like shrubGirl
TanaquilShe who is worshipped in the houseGirl
TanitaShe who is from the Tatius houseGirl
TanykaOne who is from the house of TatiusGirl
TaskaOne who was born during Christmas.Girl
TassianaLatin name meaning birthdayGirl
TatiannaFairy princessGirl
TatingFaminine form of Latin Tatianus, an old Roman family nameGirl
TaureanOf taurusUnisex
TaviaShe who is born eightGirl
TavieShe who is eightGirl
TayanaA Form of Taya; A variant form of name Tiyana which means from the house of TatiusGirl
TayciA silent girlGirl
TelephassaWife of AgenorGirl
TemilyA rivalGirl
TenaA ChristianityGirl
TeodecAn entire Earth; fertileGirl
TerenceFrom an ancient roman clanUnisex
TerraFrom the earth. An earth goddess in mythologyUnisex
TerrahThe planet EarthGirl
TerrenceFrom an ancient roman clanUnisex
TertiaShe who comes thirdGirl
TetyanaVariation of Tatiana, a queen of fairiesGirl
TheodosiaGiver of GodGirl
TianeShe who brings lightGirl
TiarneShe who wears a crownGirl
Tierathe earth or the landGirl
TifaneeThe evident of the GodGirl
TifaneyThe God who is manifestGirl
TifaniA Girl born on 12th nightGirl
TifanieThe manifestation of the GodGirl
TifanyThe act of God being evidentGirl
TiferenOne who is manifested by GodGirl
TiferloThe God's appearanceGirl
TiffaneeThe apparent of godGirl
TiffaneyThe God's manifestationGirl
TiffaniThe appearance of God for being evidentGirl
TiffaniaGod's apparent to the mindGirl
TiffanyThe true manifestation of the GodGirl
TiffeneyOne who start understanding the GodGirl
TiffeniOne who feels the evident of godGirl
TiffenieOne who understands the GodGirl
TiffennieThe understanding of the GodGirl
TiffinThe epiphany of GodGirl
TiffineeThe appearance of Supernatural beingGirl
TiffineyThe manifestation of a supernatural beingGirl
TiffiniGod and phaineinGirl
TiffinieThe enlightment of GodGirl
TiffinyThe manifesto of GodGirl
TifneeBorn or 12th night of the monthGirl
TifnieThe God's enlightmentGirl
TifnyThe enlightment of supernatural beingGirl
TimarionAn honoured little personGirl
TinkaA heavenly body, celestialGirl
TiphaneeA manifestation of GodGirl
TiphaneyThe respect of GodGirl
TiphaniOne who is respectful towards GodGirl
TiphanieOne who is manifested towards the GodGirl
TiphanyManifestation towards GodGirl
TiphinaOne who born on the night of twelfthGirl
TiranaA city formed of solid materials, a fortressGirl
Tishiahappiness or joyGirl
TishyaThe sense of joy and happinessGirl
TitaniaA queen of the fairiesGirl
TitianaTitle of HonorGirl
TitusOf the giants, a great defenderUnisex
TocaraA friend or beloved of a person with headgearGirl
ToccaraThe friendly of beloved touchGirl
TonjeOne who cant be labelled with a priceGirl
TonnaA settlement or a town near the hedgeUnisex
TopazA precious gemstone or jewelGirl
TopsyOn topGirl
ToraIn Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.Girl
ToriA form of toryGirl
ToriannaThe conqueror or the victor, a winnerGirl
ToshaRefers to christGirl
TrichaA noble-woman, who is kind and generousGirl
TriciaA patricianUnisex
TrisOne who make others happy and bring happinessGirl
TrixieOne who brings joy, a bringer of joyGirl
TrixyOne who always brings joy and happinessGirl
TryphenaElusive or graceful.Girl
TrystynA from of Tristan (uproar)Girl
TuliaRefers to the boundary of the beauty.Girl
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