113 Latvian Baby Name With Meanings

Congratulations on the birth of your bundle of joy. Babies are indeed a blessing from the Almighty. And what better way to celebrate than by giving him a beautiful and meaningful name? We thought so too! So below MomJunction has bundled up a few names that are guaranteed to make your child stand out among his or her peers. And do you know what makes them more amazing? They are Latvian names.

Latvia is a Baltic country located in Northern Europe. And just like in most European cultures, even Latvian names consist of two elements – a given name, and a family name. The practice of giving middle names was discouraged during the Soviet occupation. But with Independence, Latvian legislation allowed the use of two given names.

Male Latvian names end in the first or second declension endings, which could either be -s/-š or -is. A handful of male names, especially the foreign names can end in indeclinable -o. The female Latvian names have fourth or fifth declension endings, which could either be -a or -e respectively. The diminutive forms of names are used when addressing children or expressing endearment.

Latvian names have a variety of sources. They can be influenced by American shows or German knights. Below is our unique collection of Latvian baby names, with meanings.

AdriansFrom AdriaBoy
AgneseA variant of Agnes. It means lamb.Girl
AkvifolijaHolly plantGirl
AleksandrsDefender of men.Boy
AleksisHelper of manBoy
AliseGermanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; A derivative of AliceGirl
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AnyutaGrace, a graceful woman.Girl
ArmandsLatvian version of Armand, meaning soldier.Boy
ArtjomsFollower/gift of Artemis. A variant of Artemus.Boy
ArtursLatvian form of Artur, meaning strong as a bear.Boy
BendiksOne who is blessed.Boy
ChrysanthosA golden flowerBoy
DainisOne who is dedicated to Dionysos.Boy
DanielsVariant of Daniel. It means God is my judge.Boy
EdgarsLatvia version of Edgar, meaning fortunate and powerful.Boy
ElizabeteLatvian form of Elizabeth. It means my God is abundance, my God has sworn.Girl
Elzathis is a form of Elizabeth or can also mean god is my joyGirl
Emilijaa rival or emulating.Girl
EmilsVariant of Emile. It means eagerBoy
EstereA form of Esther, meaning star.Girl
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
GundegaLatvian word for buttercup flower.Girl
GustavsStaff of the Geats or Goths or gods.Boy
IljaYahweh is my God.Girl
IlmaWill or desireGirl
IngridaA beautiful womanGirl
IrkaA peaceful womanGirl
JazepsLatvian variant of Joseph. It means God will increase.Boy
JevgenijaNobility or well born.Girl
JurgisEarth workerBoy
KarlisKarlis means Strong and MasculineBoy
KazimierasTo destroy a peaceful world.Boy
KristapsBearer of ChristBoy
KristersChristian, disciple of Christ.Boy
KristsChristian or follower of ChristBoy
LabrencisLatvian variant of Lawrence. It means laurel or bay.Boy
LaimaLaima means LuckGirl
LaumaName of a forest spirit in Baltic mythology.Girl
LauminaLatvian word for pixie.Girl
LaurisVariant of Lawrence. It means from Laurentum.Boy
LeagaNameday of Latvian festival dayGirl
LeonhardsLatvian form of Leonard. It means lion.Boy
LiegeGentle and smooth.Girl
LieneMaiden or virginGirl
LisbeteGod is perfectionGirl
LudisFame or war.Boy
LudvigsFame or war.Boy
MagonePoppy flowerGirl
MaksimsThe greatestBoy
MarksFrom Old Latin MartKohs, Warlike, or God of WarBoy
MarkussDedicated to Mars (the Roman god of warBoy
MartaLatin - Dedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of Marc; A variant of the name MarthaGirl
MelanijaA form of Melanie, meaning dark or black.Girl
MiervaldisA ruler of peace, King of peaceBoy
MihailsA form of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
MikelisA form of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
ModrisA variant of the name "Megan" that means "The Mighty" or "The Great".Boy
NastashiaA variant of Anastasia. It means resurrection.Girl
NikolajsA form of Nicholas, meaning people's victory.Boy
OliversFrom Germanic Alfarr, it means Elf WarriorBoy
PaulaLatin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of PaulGirl
PavilsLatvian variant of Paul, meaning little or humble.Boy
PeterisSon of Peter.Boy
PipeneDaisy flower.Girl
RadoslavGlorious work or eager gloryBoy
RaimondsA form of Raymond, meaning guards wisely.Boy
RalfsA variant of Ralph. It means wolf counsel.Boy
RihardsLatvian form of Richard, meaning ruler.Boy
RobertsGermanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of RobertBoy
RoburtsBright fameBoy
SarloteFree manGirl
SofijaA woman full of wisdomGirl
SolveigaStrength or the sun.Girl
StasyaStrength, fame or firmnessGirl
TaskaOne who was born during Christmas.Girl
TeodorsA variant of Theodore. It means gift of God.Boy
TomsLatvian version of Tom, meaning twin.Boy
UrzulaFemale bear cub.Girl
ValeraBrave and valiant.Boy
ValerijsOne who is brave and valiant.Boy
ValtersTo rule, army or warrior.Boy
VelnaFemale devilGirl
ViktorijaCroatian form of Victoria, meaning victory.Girl
VilhelmsWill or desire.Boy
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