118 Latvian Baby Name With Meanings


Every baby is a unique blessing from the Almighty, and these Latvian baby names are bound to make your little one stand out from their peers. To congratulate you on the birth of your bundle of joy, we have bundled up a few names that are guaranteed to make your child stand out among their peers. Each one on the list is a beautiful and meaningful name. These amazing Latvian names are derived from the country of Latvia. It is a Baltic country located in Northern Europe. And just like in most European cultures, even Latvian names consist of two elements – a given name and a family name. The practice of providing middle names was discouraged during the Soviet occupation. But with Independence, Latvian legislation allowed the use of two given names. Male Latvian names end in the first or second declension endings, which could be -s/-š or -is. A handful of male names, especially foreign names, can end in indeclinable -o. The female Latvian names have fourth or fifth declension endings, which could be -a or -e, respectively. Latvian names also use patronymics and are usually connected to the father’s nickname rather than the individual’s given name. The patronymic ‘dels’ stands for son, and ‘mete’ means daughter. The diminutive forms of names are used when addressing children or expressing endearment. Latvian names have a variety of sources. During the ancient days, the earliest Latvians shared one name. These names were typically derived from nature, meaning they could be named after animals, plants, flowers, trees, birds, and even the elements. On the other hand, modern names can be influenced by Western shows or German knights or even bear religious significance. Below is our unique collection of Latvian baby names with meanings. Have a look at it!

heart image Abolins Baby Girl Sign Girl Clover
heart image Adrians Baby Boy Sign Boy From Adria
heart image Agnese Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Agnes; Lamb
heart image Akvifolija Baby Girl Sign Girl Holly plant
heart image Aleksandrs Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of men
heart image Aleksis Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper of man
heart image Alise Baby Girl Sign Girl Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable
heart image Anna Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favor
heart image Anyuta Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; A graceful woman
heart image Arijoms Baby Boy Sign Boy A name with deep meaning
heart image Armands Baby Boy Sign Boy Soldier; Latvian version of Armand
heart image Artjoms Baby Boy Sign Boy Follower or gift of Artemis; A variant of Artemus
heart image Arturs Baby Boy Sign Boy Latvian form of Artur, Strong as a bear
heart image Asenka Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful
heart image Bendiks Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is blessed
heart image Chrysanthos Baby Boy Sign Boy A golden flower
heart image Dagnija Baby Girl Sign Girl Day
heart image Dainis Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is dedicated to Dionysos
heart image Daniels Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Daniel; God is my judge
heart image Dvesma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whiffle
heart image Dzintara Baby Girl Sign Girl Amber
heart image Edgars Baby Boy Sign Boy Latvia version of Edgar; Fortunate and powerful
heart image Elizabete Baby Girl Sign Girl Latvian form of Elizabeth; My God is abundance; My God has sworn
heart image Elza Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my joy
heart image Emilija Baby Girl Sign Girl A rival; Emulating
heart image Emils Baby Boy Sign Boy Eager; A variant of Emile
heart image Estere Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Esther, meaning star
heart image Gabriela Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God is my strength
heart image Gundega Baby Girl Sign Girl Buttercup flower
heart image Gustavs Baby Boy Sign Boy The staff of the geats or goths or Gods
heart image Ieva Baby Girl Sign Girl Life; Joyful; Creative
heart image Ilja Baby Girl Sign Girl Yahweh is my God
heart image Ilma Baby Girl Sign Girl Will or desire
heart image Ilze Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble and graceful
heart image Ingrida Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Irka Baby Girl Sign Girl A peaceful woman
heart image Irusya Baby Girl Sign Girl Peaceful
heart image Jazeps Baby Boy Sign Boy God will increase
heart image Jevgenija Baby Girl Sign Girl Nobility
heart image Jurgis Baby Boy Sign Boy Earthworker
heart image Karlis Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong and masculine
heart image Kazimieras Baby Boy Sign Boy To destroy a peaceful world
heart image Kristaps Baby Boy Sign Boy Bearer of Christ
heart image Kristers Baby Boy Sign Boy Christian, disciple of Christ.
heart image Krists Baby Boy Sign Boy Christian or follower of Christ
heart image Labrencis Baby Boy Sign Boy Laurel; Bay.
heart image Laima Baby Girl Sign Girl Luck
heart image Lauma Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a forest spirit in Baltic mythology
heart image Laumina Baby Girl Sign Girl Pixie
heart image Lauris Baby Boy Sign Boy One from Laurentum; A variant of Lawrence
heart image Lazda Baby Girl Sign Girl Hazel
heart image Leaga Baby Girl Sign Girl Latvian festival day
heart image Leonhards Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion; Latvian form of Leonard
heart image Liege Baby Girl Sign Girl Gentle and smooth
heart image Liene Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden; Virgin
heart image Lisbete Baby Girl Sign Girl God is perfection
heart image Liva Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life; Protection
heart image Ludis Baby Boy Sign Boy Fame or war
heart image Ludvigs Baby Boy Sign Boy Fame or war
heart image Magone Baby Girl Sign Girl Poppy flower
heart image Maksims Baby Boy Sign Boy The greatest
heart image Margrieta Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Marks Baby Boy Sign Boy War-like; God of War
heart image Markuss Baby Boy Sign Boy Dedicated to Mars; The Roman God of war
heart image Marta Baby Girl Sign Girl The Lady; The mistress
heart image Melanija Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Melanie, meaning dark or black
heart image Miervaldis Baby Boy Sign Boy A ruler of peace; King of peace
heart image Mihails Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Michael, meaning who is like God?
heart image Mikelis Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Michael, meaning who is like God?
heart image Modris Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Megan; Mighty; Great
heart image Monta Baby Girl Sign Girl Mountain
heart image Nastashia Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Anastasia; Resurrection
heart image Nastka Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection
heart image Nikolajs Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Nicholas; People's victory
heart image Olivers Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf Warrior
heart image Parsla Baby Girl Sign Girl Flake
heart image Paula Baby Girl Sign Girl Small; Humble
heart image Pavils Baby Boy Sign Boy Latvian variant of Paul; Little or humble
heart image Peteris Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Peter
heart image Pipene Baby Girl Sign Girl Daisy flower
heart image Radoslav Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious work or eager glory
heart image Raimonds Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Raymond, meaning one who guards wisely
heart image Ralfs Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Ralph; Wolf counsel
heart image Rasma Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dew
heart image Rihards Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler; Latvian form of Richard
heart image Roberts Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright famous one; A variant of Robert
heart image Roburts Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright fame
heart image Rota Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Sarlote Baby Girl Sign Girl Freeman
heart image Sofija Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman full of wisdom
heart image Solveiga Baby Girl Sign Girl Strength or the sun
heart image Stasya Baby Girl Sign Girl Strength; Fame; Firmness
heart image Stefans Baby Boy Sign Boy Crown
heart image Tasenka Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection
heart image Taska Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born during Christmas
heart image Teodors Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
heart image Toms Baby Boy Sign Boy Latvian version of Tom; Twin
heart image Urzula Baby Girl Sign Girl Female bear cubs
heart image Valera Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave; Valiant
heart image Valerijs Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is brave and valiant
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Latvian baby names are beautiful and majestic-sounding names that come from the Baltic region. The naming system has evolved over the centuries, from choosing names inspired by nature to selecting names influenced by heroes and more modern culture. This shows the flexibility of the names and the people’s openness toward accepting change. With this exhaustive list, you can find both traditional and contemporary names to suit your varied preferences. Each name carries a profound meaning and can positively impact your baby in their emotional growth.

Infographic: Endearing Latvian Baby Names With Meanings

Parents are consistently on the lookout for unique names with appealing meanings. These Latvian baby names are distinct and sound beautiful. The names echo the sound of the Balkan lands. If you are of Latvian descent or appreciate the country's beauty, this infographic containing Latvian baby names is for you. Go through it to discover some of the best Latvian boy and girl names for your little one.

lovely latvian names for babies (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How have Latvian baby names changed over time?

Over time, Latvian baby names have experienced transformations. Initially rooted in tradition and mythology, the Soviet era brought new influences. As people sought inspiration from unconventional sources, Western names like Oskars and Aivars gained popularity in the 1960s, inspired by characters in Vilis Lacis' novels. This shift reflects the impact of societal and cultural changes on naming trends in Latvia.

2. What are some unique or uncommon baby names that are popular in Latvia?

Latvia has seen the rise of several uncommon and distinctive baby names that have become popular. Some examples include Zinta (which signifies magic or charm), Ansis (meaning Yahweh is gracious), Līva ( meaning protection), Rūta (meaning friend), and Edvards ( meaning wealth).

3. What are the most popular baby names for boys and girls in Latvia?

Jānis (God is gracious), Juris (farmer), and Jurģis (earth-worker) are among the favored baby names for boys in Latvia. For girls, popular choices include Anna (grace), Inese ( ‘chaste’), and Zane (Lily).

4. What are some Latvian baby names that have different meanings or connotations in other languages?

Certain Latvian baby names may possess distinct meanings or connotations in other languages. For instance, the Latvian name Linda signifies ‘beautiful,’ whereas, in German, it translates to ‘snake.’ The Latvian name Artūrs, which means 'noble,' is pronounced similarly to the English name Arthur, meaning 'bear,’ but it has an alternative etymology and carries a different meaning.

5. Who are some Latvian celebrities or public figures who have influenced baby names in Latvia?

Latvian celebrities like Jānis Lūsēns (track and field athlete), Kristaps Porziņģis (basketball player), and Baiba Broka (actress) have influenced baby names in Latvia.

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