63 Latvian Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Every parent desires to give their little girl the most beautiful name intertwined with their cultural heritage. However, picking the most suitable name is not a cakewalk. Latvian baby girl names are versatile and have beautiful meanings. These names are inspired by their unique culture, landscapes, and other natural elements. Latvia has a long and rich history, and many parents prefer to give their daughters names that have been passed down through generations. Hence, you may choose these names to honor your Lavian roots or your love for the culture. These names encapsulate the essence of their culture and bring forth the spirit of this Baltic nation. The earliest Latvians had a single name (1). They were drawn from nature, animals, trees, birds, flowers, or other related elements. In the 13th century, the Northern Crusades reached the present-day regions of Estonia and Latvia. As a result, the names of the inhabitants of this region, called Livonia, are recorded with greater frequency. They also promoted Christianity in the region and brought baptism into the new belief with indigenous people being named after patron saints or guardian angels. Today, a Latvian name has two major components; the given name or vārds followed by the surname or uzvārds. During the Soviet occupation from 1940 to 1991, giving middle names was discouraged. But in the post-independence period, the Latvian law allowed using two names. Today, it has become common to give girls a middle name as well. Latvians also use diminutives to express affection and adoration when addressing children. For example, the popular girl name Jānis is called Jānīt. If you are excited about discovering the beautiful world of Latvian baby names, keep scrolling down. From traditional and classic names that stood the test of time to modern delights, there is something for every parent.

heart image Alise Baby Girl Sign Girl Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable
heart image Elizabete Baby Girl Sign Girl Latvian form of Elizabeth; My God is abundance; My God has sworn
heart image Elza Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my joy
heart image Emilija Baby Girl Sign Girl A rival; Emulating
heart image Gabriela Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God is my strength
heart image Marta Baby Girl Sign Girl The Lady; The mistress
heart image Sofija Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman full of wisdom
heart image Viktorija Baby Girl Sign Girl Croatian form of Victoria; Victory
heart image Abolins Baby Girl Sign Girl Clover
heart image Agnese Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Agnes; Lamb
heart image Akvifolija Baby Girl Sign Girl Holly plant
heart image Anyuta Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; A graceful woman
heart image Asenka Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful
heart image Dagnija Baby Girl Sign Girl Day
heart image Dvesma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whiffle
heart image Dzintara Baby Girl Sign Girl Amber
heart image Estere Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Esther, meaning star
heart image Gundega Baby Girl Sign Girl Buttercup flower
heart image Ieva Baby Girl Sign Girl Life; Joyful; Creative
heart image Ilja Baby Girl Sign Girl Yahweh is my God
heart image Ilma Baby Girl Sign Girl Will or desire
heart image Ilze Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble and graceful
heart image Ingrida Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Irka Baby Girl Sign Girl A peaceful woman
heart image Irusya Baby Girl Sign Girl Peaceful
heart image Jevgenija Baby Girl Sign Girl Nobility
heart image Laima Baby Girl Sign Girl Luck
heart image Lauma Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a forest spirit in Baltic mythology
heart image Laumina Baby Girl Sign Girl Pixie
heart image Lazda Baby Girl Sign Girl Hazel
heart image Leaga Baby Girl Sign Girl Latvian festival day
heart image Liege Baby Girl Sign Girl Gentle and smooth
heart image Liene Baby Girl Sign Girl Maiden; Virgin
heart image Lisbete Baby Girl Sign Girl God is perfection
heart image Liva Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life; Protection
heart image Magone Baby Girl Sign Girl Poppy flower
heart image Margrieta Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Melanija Baby Girl Sign Girl A form of Melanie, meaning dark or black
heart image Monta Baby Girl Sign Girl Mountain
heart image Nastashia Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Anastasia; Resurrection
heart image Nastka Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection
heart image Parsla Baby Girl Sign Girl Flake
heart image Paula Baby Girl Sign Girl Small; Humble
heart image Pipene Baby Girl Sign Girl Daisy flower
heart image Rasma Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dew
heart image Rota Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Sarlote Baby Girl Sign Girl Freeman
heart image Solveiga Baby Girl Sign Girl Strength or the sun
heart image Stasya Baby Girl Sign Girl Strength; Fame; Firmness
heart image Tasenka Baby Girl Sign Girl Resurrection
heart image Taska Baby Girl Sign Girl One who was born during Christmas
heart image Urzula Baby Girl Sign Girl Female bear cubs
heart image Velna Baby Girl Sign Girl Female devil
heart image Virma Baby Girl Sign Girl Ruffle
heart image Zanda Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Defender of mankind
heart image Zelsana Baby Girl Sign Girl Prosperity
heart image Zelta Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold
heart image Zinaida Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of Zeus
heart image Zuza Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily; Lotus flower
heart image Zuzana Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily or lotus flower; A variant of Zuza
heart image Zuzanka Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily or lotus flower
heart image Zuzanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily
heart image Zuzka Baby Girl Sign Girl Lily flower

Latvian baby girl names are excellent choices for all those looking for distinctive names for their children. These names are diverse and have rich historical roots. Moreover, traditional Latvian names are a great way to bring your girl closer to her roots if you have a Latvian background. People of other cultures can also experiment and select any one of these options that aligns with their values and beliefs. We hope you find a great name that catches your fancy.

Infographic: Lovely Latvian Names For Baby Girls

If you are searching for a beautiful and timeless title for your girl, look no further than Latvian names. They carry the essence of Latvian culture and will let your girl connect to her roots. An elegant and feminine Latvian name will be a thing of pride for your princess. Check out the best ones in this infographic.

exotic latvian names for your charming little girl (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Latvian baby girl name has a meaning related to the sky or heavens?

Aelita is a charming Latvian name, which means 'starlight seen for the last time.' Russian author Aleksey Tolstoy created the name for his science fiction novel Aelita. Selina is another popular Latvian name for baby girls that is a variant of Celine and is believed to have been derived from the Latin word caelum, meaning 'sky' or 'heaven.'

2. Is Olga a Latvian name?

Olga is a feminine derived from the Russian form of the Old Norse name Helga. Besides being used in Latvian culture, Olga appears in several other cultures and languages, including Russian, Polish, Danish, German, Swedish, and Italian.

3. What are some Latvian baby girl names with religious or spiritual meanings?

Māra is a beautiful Latvian name possibly derived from Maria, forging a connection to the revered figure of the Virgin Mary. The Latvian mother goddess is also named Māra, further deepening this name's religious and spiritual ties. Zinta is another feminine name meaning 'witchcraft' or 'magic.' While the name is not explicitly religious, it holds spiritual connotations.

4. What are some Latvian baby girl names that have a meaning related to nature?

Latvian female names exquisitely draw inspiration from nature and natural phenomena. Some enchanting options are Mētra, evoking the essence of 'mint,' Meldra, embodying the grace of 'bullrush,' Rasa, reminiscent of the delicate 'dew,' and Sniedze, capturing the ethereal beauty of the 'snow bunting,' a species of bird.


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  1. A guide to some 15-16th century Latvian naming patterns.
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