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Congratulations on the birth of your bundle of joy. Babies are indeed a blessing from the Almighty. And what better way to celebrate than by giving him a beautiful and meaningful name? We thought so too! So below MomJunction has bundled up a few names that are guaranteed to make your child stand out among his or her peers. And do you know what makes them more amazing? They are Latvian names.

Latvia is a Baltic country located in Northern Europe. And just like in most European cultures, even Latvian names consist of two elements – a given name, and a family name. The practice of giving middle names was discouraged during the Soviet occupation. But with Independence, Latvian legislation allowed the use of two given names.

Male Latvian names end in the first or second declension endings, which could either be -s/-š or -is. A handful of male names, especially the foreign names can end in indeclinable -o. The female Latvian names have fourth or fifth declension endings, which could either be -a or -e respectively. The diminutive forms of names are used when addressing children or expressing endearment.

Latvian names have a variety of sources. They can be influenced by American shows or German knights. Below is our unique collection of Latvian baby names, with meanings.

VilisHelmet of determination.Boy
ZeinFragrant or beautiful plantBoy
ZigfridsVictory, peace, protection, safety.Boy
ZinaidaDaughter of Zeus.Girl
ZuzaLily or lotus flower.Girl
ZuzanaA variant of Zuza. It means lily or lotus flower.Girl
ZuzankaLily or lotus flower.Girl
ZuzannaLatvian form of Suzanna, meaning lily.Girl
ZuzkaLily flowerGirl
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