61 Lebanese Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Lebanon boasts a significant history and a multifaceted culture, resonating in its naming customs. Lebanese baby girl names frequently possess a deep historical and cultural significance, drawing inspiration from various sources such as Arabic, French, Phoenician, and religious influences. These names portray the country's multicultural heritage and glimpse its captivating past.

Arabic, the prevailing language in Lebanon, is the foundation for numerous Lebanese baby girl names, which exude strong connections to Islamic culture and traditions. These names often pay tribute to significant figures from Islamic history (1).
Lebanese baby girl names also testify to the country's historical ties to the ancient Phoenician civilization. Although less common, Phoenician names hold

substantial cultural importance. Names derived from legendary Phoenician princesses, founders of Carthage, or associated with Phoenician royalty showcase the deep historical roots of the region.

Lebanon's history as a former French colony has also left an indelible mark on its naming conventions. French names, often infused with a Lebanese touch, have made their way into the fabric of naming practices.

Religion plays a pivotal role in Lebanon's naming traditions as well. With its diverse denominations, Christianity holds a prominent position, and names from Biblical sources are widely embraced. As a result, Biblical names continue to resonate with Lebanese families.

In addition to these overarching influences, individual Lebanese families often prioritize unique cultural or family-based traditions when naming their baby girls. It is not uncommon to encounter names passed down through generations, paying homage to ancestors or beloved family members. These names carry immense sentimental value and uphold a sense of familial connection and heritage.

With their historical, cultural, and traditional significance, Lebanese baby girl names serve as a testament to the nation's rich tapestry of influences. They celebrate Lebanon's diverse roots, blending Arabic, French, Phoenician, and religious elements to forge a distinctive naming tradition. Whether inspired by Islamic luminaries, Phoenician history, French refinement, Biblical characters, or cherished family legacies, these names epitomize the pride, heritage, and cultural identity of the Lebanese people.

heart image Adeline Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; nobility
heart image Angela Baby Girl Sign Girl Messenger; Angel
heart image Cyla Baby Girl Sign Girl From the ancient times
heart image Dina Baby Girl Sign Girl Judged
heart image Lena Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch; Bright shining light
heart image Leyla Baby Girl Sign Girl Night; Born at night
heart image Soraya Baby Girl Sign Girl Rich; Princess
heart image Zaina Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Abila Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and healthy
heart image Abroud Baby Girl Sign Girl A fair and beautiful girl
heart image Aleyna Baby Girl Sign Girl Awakening
heart image Badah Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is broad-minded
heart image Bariqa Baby Girl Sign Girl Lightning, shining or fast.
heart image Bazif Baby Girl Sign Girl To be proud of something
heart image Bukhdan Baby Girl Sign Girl Sleek; Smooth; Tender
heart image Dasia Baby Girl Sign Girl Daisy flower; Excellence
heart image Delkash Baby Girl Sign Girl Attraction; Charm; Fascination
heart image Ferazia Baby Girl Sign Girl High; Lofty; Elevated; Tall
heart image Ferwa Baby Girl Sign Girl Passion; Fondness; Desire or longing
heart image Foziah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is victorious and successful
heart image Ghashmira Baby Girl Sign Girl Liberty; Generosity; Munificence
heart image Ghumra Baby Girl Sign Girl Saffron; Yellow color
heart image Guita Baby Girl Sign Girl World; Universe
heart image Halifa Baby Girl Sign Girl Friends; Ones who always stay together
heart image Hamia Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a sense of honor
heart image Hareem Baby Girl Sign Girl The walls of the house of Kaaba
heart image Horiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Angel or a black eyed heavenly nymph
heart image Ieisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Alive; She who lives
heart image Iffaa Baby Girl Sign Girl One who keeps her faith alive
heart image Injila Baby Girl Sign Girl Shining; Brilliant; Gittering; Glistening
heart image Iqala Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is humble and modest
heart image Iraj Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower or blossom
heart image Kiswar Baby Girl Sign Girl Nation, country or realm
heart image Kitana Baby Girl Sign Girl Light
heart image Kitianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Light and deity
heart image Limees Baby Girl Sign Girl Tender; Delicate; Soft to touch
heart image Majedah Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble or glorious
heart image Mazia Baby Girl Sign Girl Soft and supple
heart image Merjan Baby Girl Sign Girl Diamond or pearl
heart image Nigarish Baby Girl Sign Girl One who's always on the mind, vision, or fantasy
heart image Nuralain Baby Girl Sign Girl Brightness; Light; Radiance; Bringer of happiness
heart image Parniyan Baby Girl Sign Girl Soft silk; A dress made of soft silk
heart image Qabita Baby Girl Sign Girl An ancient Egyptian woman
heart image Qailah Baby Girl Sign Girl Sahabiyyah
heart image Qamra Baby Girl Sign Girl A Lebanese term for the moon
heart image Rafqa Baby Girl Sign Girl Wide
heart image Sahiqa Baby Girl Sign Girl Rain
heart image Sareena Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess; Beautiful as a princess
heart image Sehrish Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with a fascinating and enchanting personality
heart image Shanifa Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is loyal, faithful, and true to herself and others
heart image Sobia Baby Girl Sign Girl A well-dressed woman
heart image Tazeen Baby Girl Sign Girl Decoration; Adornment; Makeup
heart image Toufie Baby Girl Sign Girl A successful, elegant, and royal being
heart image Udaysah Baby Girl Sign Girl The narrator of the Hadith, Ahban al-Ghifariyah's daughter
heart image Vardah Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Zabian Baby Girl Sign Girl A worshiper of heavenly bodies
heart image Zahli Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and bright
heart image Zaib Baby Girl Sign Girl A graceful and beautiful woman
heart image Zikra Baby Girl Sign Girl Recollection; Memory; Remembrance, Thoughts of the past
heart image Zoobia Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has the blessings of the almighty
heart image Zoona Baby Girl Sign Girl A sensible, wise and intelligent woman

This compilation of Lebanese baby girl names with diverse meanings imbibe Lebanon's rich history and multifaceted culture. These names reflect the nation's multicultural heritage and are influenced by Arabic, French, Phoenician religious sources. Arabic names honor Islamic luminaries, while Phoenician names attest to ancient ties. French-infused names commemorate the colonial past, and Biblical names resonate with Lebanon's Christian traditions. Family-based traditions and generational legacies add sentimental value. These distinct naming customs showcase Lebanon's pride, heritage, and cultural identity, making them a source of celebration and connection for Lebanese families across generations.

Infographic: Lovely Lebanese Names For Your Baby Girl

Lebanon offers many delights with its ancient Roman ruins, well-preserved monuments, and picturesque beaches. The country has a diverse population consisting of several religious groups. So finding some exotic names from this country is not so difficult. Check out this infographic if you're searching for timeless Lebanese names for your newest family member.

quintessential lebanese baby girl names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How has the Arabic language influenced Lebanese baby girl names?

Lebanese baby girl names gracefully embody the profound influence of the Arabic language, resonating with Lebanon's rich cultural and linguistic legacy. The Arabic language holds sway over most of Lebanon's populace, which shapes the origins and meanings of many Lebanese names. Afaf, for instance, is a popular Lebanese name that symbolizes 'chastity' in Arabic. Similarly, Dania evokes a sense of 'closeness,' and Hala signifies a 'moon circle.' These names, among many others, exemplify the deep connections between the Arabic language and the Lebanese naming system.

2. How do Lebanese baby girl names compare and contrast with baby names from other Middle Eastern countries?

Lebanese names, akin to those in other Middle Eastern nations, predominantly originate from Arabic, the dominant language in the region, imbuing them with Arabic roots and significance. This shared linguistic and cultural heritage fosters a unifying thread in naming traditions throughout the Middle East. However, Lebanon's historical affinity with France has added an extra layer of diversity, infusing Lebanese names with occasional French influences. For instance, Amelle is a popular Lebanese name that means 'hopes,' which sets them apart from other Middle Eastern counterparts (1).


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  1. The Country of Lebanon.
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